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What can be built from slag blocks

Decorate your garden, villa or even a house you can withUsing slag blocks. This cheap building material at first looks unattractive, but if you apply fantasy, it will turn out wonderful buildings! In addition, slag blocks are very practical - their strength is beyond doubt. Building stones From rubble, expanded clay or cement residues will last a long time, and if you approach the question creatively - will please the look with their originality.

Among other things, the building of the current garage in the inner courtyard of the state Hermitage in St. Petersburg is made of Quality cinder block!! Incredibly, but such an unusual project wasWas made in 1911: an ingenious architect tried specifically for the emperor Nicholas II. For inspiration we give you a whole 24 ideas - this building material is gaining increasing popularity!

What can be done from slag blocks

  1. Installation of cinder blocks - a wonderful transformation into candlesticks. The decoration of the country plot!
    Decor of cinder block
  2. Such a brazier is suitable for cooking shish kebabs no worse than usual. Just try ...
    BBQ from cinder block
  3. A great option for a safe campfire in the courtyard.
    Campfire place
  4. Having combined slag blocks and a bar, it is possible to receive a delightful shop.
    Baker's shop
  5. Simple but very stylish flowerbed.
    Bed of cinder blocks
  6. For owners who appreciate the order: so you can store firewood.
    A place for storage of firewood
  7. Concrete squares will beautifully frame and protect your plantation.
  8. An intriguing staircase in the courtyard from cinder blocks.
    Steps from slag blocks
  9. From them you can build anything truly - a small lake on the site, a small cellar with a door at the top, a sandbox ...
    Slag blocks
  10. Comfortable modern table with cinder blocks as bedside tables. How much extra space for things!
    Cinder block table
  11. Even the equipment rack can be made of cinder blocks!
    Equipment stand
  12. Slag blocks + mattress = bed in a minimalist style. The space below is perfect for storing shoes and other things.
  13. To organize a library between building stones - an idea unknown earlier. But how great it looks!
  14. In the cellar slag blocks will be very to the point.
    Slag blocks
  15. Reliable feeder for birds.
    bird feeders
  16. Stand for the aquarium - stone blocks withstand even a very large house for fish. It is wonderful that the stones can be painted in different colors!
    Slag blocks
  17. Sofa-bench near the house. I would not refuse this ...
  18. Pieces of concrete can replace a small bedside table, shelves, plant stands!
    Slag blocks
  19. Gorgeous kitchen counter.
    Slag blocks
  20. Another type of sofa for outdoor recreation.
    Slag blocks
  21. A simple bench, but how sometimes it is not enough! To make such of slag blocks it is possible quickly and for copecks.
    Slag blocks
  22. A little paint, a bright fabric - and a conventional bench made of wood and concrete becomes a miracle of design.
    Slag blocks
  23. Stand for plants on the street. I fell in love with slag blocks without memory!
    Slag blocks

This building material is worthy of the title of theUniversal. Why not build a garage like the Hermitage or an additional pantry near the house from cinder blocks? Construction will cost many times cheaper than usual! I did not even think that these concrete squares can be used so widely. Besides they help to save a lot. Showing your friends an article, you will help them use this material with maximum benefit!