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Danger of starting the air conditioner after starting the engine

When we get into the car and start it, then often, without hesitation, immediately We include air conditioning And we go about our business. Doing so, you not only risk your health, but also the health of your relatives and friends!

The fact is that, leaving the car on the street, weAlways close the windows so that no one climbs inside. But in a car parked in the shade with windows closed for a day, 400-800 mg of benzene may accumulate. if you are Parked in the sun At a temperature above 16 degrees, the benzene level will reach 2 000-4 000 mg, which is 40 times higher than the permissible level.

Danger of starting the air conditioner after starting the engine

vehicle interior

Sitting in the car, in which the windows were closed, people begin Breathe benzene, But this toxin affects the kidneys, bone tissue and liver. Moreover, it is excreted from the body very slowly and badly.

In the vehicle's instruction manual it is written that Before turning on the air conditioner You should open the windows for 2 minutes, but the reason is not indicated, only there is a hint at the best performance of the car.

Medical rationale

The results of the studies show that, before starting to cool, the air conditioner emits all the air heated in the plastic outwards, and with it a benzene toxin that Causes cancer. Therefore, sitting in the car, even if you do not immediately smell the plastic heated in the car, open the windows for a few minutes.

Secure yourself and the passengers who are with you in the car - do not turn on the air conditioner immediately after starting the engine of the car!

First open the window for a few minutes, and thenTurn on the air conditioner. Do not close the window for a few more minutes while the car is running. Many of the unbound hydrocarbons found in gasoline (especially aromatic hydrocarbons, like benzene), as well as various additives are Carcinogens.

Make a habit of yourself Open windows, Sitting in the car, so that your body is not saturated with toxins, because the consequences of this can be very tragic!