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How to choose a future husband

It is very difficult to say why we fall in love with a person. One's appearance is important, while others pay attention to charisma and sense of humor. But there is also a category of people who dream that the finances of the second half do not "sing romances".

If the character traits are relatively stable in nature, then material well-being - the phenomenon is changeable. It is possible to remain with nothing for one second or, on the contrary, to reach monetary heights thanks to diligence and diligence. Stories about the "confrontation" of the poor and the rich can not be counted, but this story has a touching romantic zest ...

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How to choose a husband

One simple guy was very fond of a girl from a rich family. They met for a while until the young man decided to make a favorite offer.

But the rich man mockingly rejected him, saying: "Your salary is the amount that I spend forday. What do you think, what will we live on when we become a family? I can never live in poverty. So just forget about me. Find someone else, your level, and marry her".

Such a sharp response pierced the heart of the young man, and heLong lived with a wound in the soul ... after 10 years they accidentally met in the mall. The girl, recognizing her former, again spoke to him in her proud tone: "Hey how's it going? I'm currently married to a very intelligent man. He earns $ 15,700 per month! Can you imagine? "

Because of her words, the guy almost burst into tears, but still kept his tears and remained silent. Just at this tense moment a rich husband came up and unexpectedly for the girl greeted the "poor fellow": " "sir? how are you? I see that you have already met my wife! "

"Good afternoon, mister ..." - He hesitated. "Mr. Carter, sir! Nothing terrible that they forgot, - Then the husband turned to his wife. - Dear, I want you to meet my boss ".

The woman was so surprised that all the terse wordsFlew out of my head. Being in a state of shock, she could not even say goodbye to her former lover. When the unfortunate has already recovered, she immediately specified from her husband: "Is this your formidable boss?" "Yes, dear. He earned more than $ 100 million, but remained a very modest man. His life, as they say, is very sad.

I heard that he once loved oneWoman, but she abandoned him, because at that time he was a poor young man. He became much and hard to work with and in the end succeeded. All because he is very smart. Now this guy - multimillionaire. But from his then grief he could not recover ... and still is not married ".

And at the end the husband asked: "What do you think, what would that woman feel now if she knew that she refused such a person?" The wife could not say a word ...


Agree, the woman received an excellent lesson: this turn of events is a punishment for pride and arrogance. I do not know how the story developed, but I hope that the guy found a decent half.

Choosing a husband, it is worth paying attention to many qualities, but the financial situation of a person - this is definitely not a decisive factor ... if you are close to this statement, tell the story to your friends!