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30 tips from Evelina Khromchenko

When it comes to fashion, beauty, choice of image and style, it is worth listening to the opinion of professionals and following their advice. For you to be always on top and look great, "so simple!" Gathered 30 tips from Evelina Khromchenko - a guru of the fashion industry and just a woman with an excellent Sense of style.

These tips will become small tips for any lady, because they are universal!

Advice from Evelina Khromchenko

  1. The choice of tight jeans is a very responsible story. Jeans, as a plastic surgery, can either fantastically improve the figure, or completely ruin it.
  2. Choice of jeans

  3. An excellent fashionable set - a black turtleneck, shortened trousers with elegant shoes on a small heel and stockings in the tone of shoes and trousers.
  4. black pants

  5. In the wardrobe of any woman, the clothes are divided into threeType - for themselves, for girlfriends and for men. Do not confuse these outfits. If you go on a date, the outfit should emphasize the difference between the chest, waist and hips.
  6. clothes

  7. The secret of success is simple solutions. Black pants, white shirt, bright shawl or shawl. Here is the secret of impeccable taste.
  8. White shirt

  9. The best simulator in order to get rid of the male gait, - a skirt two or three palms below the knee.
  10. skirt

  11. Remember the law: Three-dimensional sleeves - a smooth hairstyle, a short dress - tight pantyhose, talking attire - silent shoes. Let there be only one active zone inside the outfit. It's not terrible if it's your eyes.
  12. Short dress

  13. Another willow sen-loran noticed that a turtleneck withHigh throat is a wonderful way out of any delicate situation. She beautifully tightens and emphasizes the chest, while hiding from extraneous details.
  14. Traditionally correct investment - a classic cashmere sweater with a v-neck.
  15. Cashmere sweater

  16. Moms girls should definitely teach them to dress. It's a mistake to think that a woman by nature knows how to properly dress, dress and brush her hair.
  17. Women of fashion

  18. Any outfit can tell about a person much more than he himself would like to do.
  19. fashion

  20. In case you have an excess problemWeight, the heel sometimes plays a decisive role, helping to hide the shortcomings of the figure. If these drawbacks do not exist, the heel may or may not be completely.
  21. fat woman

  22. Do not be shy about your forms. All that the Lord has given you is beautiful. And if it's beautiful, you need to emphasize your forms. The main thing is to do it competently and tastefully.
  23. Black clothes

  24. Fashion is not feathers and rhinestones, fashion is whenThe skirt sits well when the pants extend their legs when the woman wears a dress and flies over the ground. When a woman took a new bag in her hand - and her life changed, when a woman bought shoes for money postponed for a rainy day, and a rainy day had never occurred in her life.

    In this coordinate system a new dress is a cheaper and safer tool than psychotherapists and antidepressants.

  25. fashion

  26. Good taste you need to train every day. When you stop doing it, then, no matter how old you are, 19 or 75, old age begins.
  27. style

  28. Coco chanel said: "In order to look great, you do not have to be young."
  29. Older models

  30. Absolutely perfect beauty does not attract. In order to attract attention, there must be some small irregularity in beauty.
  31. Models

  32. Revise your collection of scarves, shawls and lipsticks. When the scarf and lipstick sound like a duet, you will look great, even if you put on the color that you like, but is not yours.
  33. Scarves

  34. If your skirt or dress is lifted up while walking, you will definitely need either a different style or a larger size.
  35. skirt

  36. There are no massive legs, there are bad tights. There are no ugly women, there are illiterate hairdressers.
  37. Do not be afraid of high heels. In stores you can find shoes or boots with high heels, which will be very comfortable and which can be worn from morning till night.
  38. heel

  39. Shoes should not only be comfortable, but also elegant. If the shoes have the same color as the trousers, then this visually lengthens the legs.
  40. How to lengthen your legs

  41. If you wear a bright, catchy dress, be sure to make a small smooth hairstyle, so as not to distract attention from the dress.
  42. Bright dress

  43. For the evening set there is a rule: one should shine. That is, either a dress or accessories.
  44. Blue colour

  45. In order to look sexy and elegant at any age, turn to the classics: a black pencil skirt, a tuxedo, hairpins, a tiny clutch bag.
  46. classic

  47. If you want to go up the career ladder, dress as if you are already there.
  48. businesswoman

  49. A small black dress will decorate even a middle-aged woman. The only thing you should do is put on tight black pantyhose under it.
  50. black dress

  51. A red dress is a cry, a claret dress is a point of view, a black dress is a vital position.
  52. Red dress

  53. Jewelry should be chosen so that it was visible,That this jewelry. If the decoration does not try to make wishful thinking, then you will look luxurious even in the circle of women shining with natural stones.
  54. bijouterie

  55. Attract the attention of others can be simple: make up the lips with bright lipstick, put on huge sunglasses and pick up a bright bag.
  56. Bright lipstick

  57. Inexpensive things, decorated with rhinestones, usually look defiantly vulgar.
  58. Rhinestones

Always follow these tips to become a Stylish woman, To which the others are equal. And help your girlfriends become better!