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Ideas for "striped" manicure

To do Original manicure At home, women often take a long time. This occupation is sometimes tiring, and the result does not always justify our expectations. We offer you a simple solution.

Use the stripes for the manicure and make a beautiful Geometric pattern. Such a manicure is now in the trend. If you do not have the opportunity to buy such stickers, then in some cases you can use even cut tape or paint tape. Pay attention to these 11 wonderful ideas for the striped manicure.

Ideas for manicure

  1. Just paste the strip-sticker metallic colors on the nails painted. From top to back with a transparent fixer.
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  3. Put on the nails. Give them a little dry. Paste vertically in the middle of the nail with a sticky strip, cut the nails with varnish of a different color. After the nails dry, remove the strip.
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  5. A great idea for the original manicure.
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  7. If you made up your nails and the transition line between the colors turned out to be uneven, then use the sticker to hide the imperfections.
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  9. Two-color striped manicure.
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  11. Experiment. Geometry is now in vogue.
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  13. Strips that go cross-wise, look luxurious.
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  15. On a black background, the strips look amazing.
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  17. Large wide strips look very impressive.
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  19. With the help of stripes-stickers you can make such a bright manicure.
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  21. Beautiful nail design in burberry style. It can be done even without the use of stickers.

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Do not necessarily spend a lot of money on manicure inBeauty salon. Take these advices into service and you will be able to turn your marigolds into a real work of art, to which everyone will pay attention.

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