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Chemical food

A huge flow of information about food, useful and notUseful foods, diets and dietary systems plunges into horror. How to figure out where the truth is, and where is the fiction? The most reliable opinion is the opinion of the scientist, which is why "so simple!" Shares with you these excerpts from the interview.

Sergey protein is a chemist-technologist, he studies the composition of food products and eagerly expresses his opinion about "Chemical food". Any cook is inherently a beginner chemist. Because with the help of experiments with tastes, mixing different products, the cook tries to get what the successful chemist produces in the kitchen in a few minutes. But first things first…

The whole truth about food


Food is 100% chemistry. According to Mendeleev's table, in all that we areSurrounds, chemistry is present. The only difference present in chemical compounds - they can be taken from nature in kind, and can be artificially synthesized by man. Everything consists of certain chemical elements - even the person himself.

Besides all natural does not mean useful! But what about the natural poisonous mushrooms? Nature does not have to take care of us. A person who prepares food for himself, knows exactly what it is made of, even if he is engaged in cooking with the help of chemistry.

To trace the features of the natural composition of foodMuch more difficult. For example, an ordinary cucumber. It contains a lot of vitamins and water, but in pimples there is ... a real poison against insects and strong smelling substances for attracting parasitic os!

Very vividly the absurdity of our knowledge aboutThe chemical composition of products can be demonstrated by the example of potato chips. In their composition, you can find glutamate, flavors and solanine - a poisonous substance, abundantly present in the green potato tubers. If the chips are broken down into components, then the part that is made of natural raw materials - potatoes - will be more poisonous.

And what was made artificially, is less harmful! Mustard is so hot thanks to Allyl isothiocyanate - this substance is produced in case of damageAnd protects against insects. And this natural remedy for pests we eat. Continue for a long time, giving examples of powerful chemical compounds that are initially present in the products, before the chemist intervenes in the cooking process.


To extend the shelf life of products, Make them tastier and safer for health,Man learned to add preservatives to food. The very first artificial flavor was invented by a man who fried meat at the stake. Because the nature of the smell of fried meat does not exist!

Another fact: green coffee does not smell. This product, which everyone is accustomed to calling 100% natural coffee, is obtained as a result of special heat treatment in conditions far from natural.

All food is formed chemically. natural product - does not mean useful, the utility of food should be evaluated by considering the composition of each individual molecule. Useful or harmful is the main question, and the question of its origin is secondary.

If the package of the product is painted Preservatives, There is the letter e, citric acid and stabilizers,This does not always indicate a poor chemical composition. Many preservatives are extremely useful, without them anywhere: a gray sausage without preservatives is much more dangerous.

It is usually not contained Sodium nitrite, A powerful antibacterial agent thatPrevents the development of botulism. Before the invention of sodium nitrite, this disease was very common, it was very easy to poison foods without any preservatives, especially with meat ...

The opinion of the scientist-chemist definitely deserves attention! Some facts about the usual products I was genuinely amazed.

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