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How to communicate with Virgo

Virgo is one of the most controversial Signs of the zodiac. These people often have doubts, literallyTearing apart ... the maidens like to reflect on their actions, but this does not mean that they do not make mistakes. The aspiration of these uneasy persons to perfectionism, order, improvement of life and comfort knows no bounds.

That's why they doubt everything: How to make it so that it was better is the hidden motto of incredibly practical maidens. You can understand them if you try. Knowing the intricacies of the spiritual organization of lovers to weigh everything and think it over, it is possible to establish very close contact with them, which will benefit everyone!

The whole truth about the virgins

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  1. Virgins do not tolerate criticism
    The virgins themselves are extremely critical, grouchy,Sometimes even the irritable sign of the zodiac. But this unpleasant phenomenon has a good background: everything is because they are trying to make the world better! Scatter notes to correct the situation. Criticism of maidens is usually very constructive, although it can be expressed in a crude form.

    How to act: Never criticize a girl in an open form. This can provoke serious conflicts, disputes, and even revenge on the part of gentle maidens! Harm is huge, and good is zero. If you want to change something, be gentle. Try to interest the person with your constructive proposal, logical arguments. Give an example that will help the virgin independently come to the conclusions necessary to you.

  2. The virgins are very sensitive
    Mood swings, a constant pendulum from side to side so tiresome ... for no apparent reason, these people can be sad and even angry all day.

    How to act: Do not touch a girl if she is in a badMood. Often the touchiness and emotional instability of cute maidens is a by-product of inner work on oneself. They are unhappy with what they did, they want to jump above their heads, but not always the same! The inflated maiden will quickly return to normal, if she notices that they do not pay much attention to her.

    Get busy with your own affairs and be even - let the maid settle down alone.

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  4. Virgins do not like extremes
    They do not tolerate strong alien emotions, tears for maidens-a real red rag. Sobriety of the mind - that's what causes respect for any maiden, show it to the fullest.

    How to act: if you want to To cause the maiden admiration And positive perception - forget about the extremes. Do not rejoice too loudly. Do not judge anything, do not be categorical. You will be the first in the list of those to whom the virgin listens!

  5. Virgins are creative
    Most of them virgins are creators. Creators in life, at work, in love! They look at any thing with an artistic glance, the hands of the girls usually grow from the very place that allows you to create masterpieces from nothing. The virgin will be an excellent assistant in any matters - at home or at work - if you know the secret ...

    How to act: Notice the creative impulses of the virgin! Sincerely admire what man has done, and he will be very close to you. Virgins are vitally necessary for praise, confirmation that they are on the right track and do not waste their precious resources for nothing, "without exhaust."

  6. Virgins are humane
    You can talk a lot about too bigThe exactness of this sign to others, their ability to judge people strictly. Virgins may be prone to betrayal, to selfishness, but they continue to evaluate others according to righteous canons. why is that? This sign has a huge female energy, it is sensitive and open to everything.

    Inwardly the virgin always knows how it should be. It is not alien to anything human, even if the virgin turns on an immoral path.

    How to act: The humanity of virgins is the main trump card in theCommunication with them. Appealing to sympathy, touching the deep gusts of their soul, you can convince the girl to do as you want. Find an individual approach to your virgin, and even the most unrealizable dreams can be brought closer to reality!

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The generosity and kindness of the maidens makes usTheir love is even stronger. Diligent workers, lovers of cleanliness and order, connoisseurs of beautiful and quality things - they are among us! Virgins can be thankful for the fact that in their Perfectionism They help others to become better.

An unconventional approach to the life of this sign of the zodiac - an invaluable treasure ... these secrets of communication will help you Make friends with a virgin - it is not as unapproachable as it wants to seem.

Advise friends this article, because the virgins deserve to be known about them more!