/ How to decorate a room for a birthday

How to decorate a room for a birthday

Always want something special on your birthday. Once a year you can cook an unusual cake, call everyone who has not been seen for a while, dressing up. And you can still spend a little time and Decorate your house really brightly!!

Simple decorations Corrugated paper, cardboard, colored scotch- exactly what is needed. Even if you hate to cut and glue, such handicrafts will grab attention inevitably. Quickly and at ease, you can transform the room as if there were professional designers here! Just take a look at this ...

Festive decoration of the room

  1. Air ice cream
    Properly folded and glued paper in combination with a balloon turns into an unusual piece of furniture. Such ice cream will definitely conquer the child-birthday!
  2. Air ice cream

  3. Stand for sweets
    From color plastic cups and plates it is possible to build superetails for sweets. Just glue cups and plates together.
  4. Stand for sweets

  5. Pompons of corrugated paper
    Colorful balls hung everywhere, create an atmosphere for fun. Make such a pompom easier than you think!
  6. Pompons of corrugated paper

  7. Photostenes
    A wall collage of colorful umbrellas is a great festive accent for any room.

    Decorating so the wall, you can be sure that the holiday will remain in memory for a long time - both from the originator of the celebration, and from the guests.


  8. Accessories for a photo shoot
    So that the holiday is a success, think up An unusual idea for photos. Guests will be delighted! Unpretentious, but cute accessories you can do yourself. This box is made of ordinary plastic packaging, inside - rice and corrugated paper scraps. So easy, but extremely effective!
  9. Accessories for a photo shoot

    Accessories for a photo shoot

    It seems everyone is happy!

    Accessories for a photo shoot

See a detailed story about how to make these wonderful things. Materials will cost inexpensively, and with such a clear instruction you can easily cope with the creative task!

For whomever you try to make such decorations - do everything slowly, with pleasure, anticipating an excellent result. All the same celebration It's worth it to spend a little time and effortOn the multi-colored entourage! Positive emotions of guests, smiles, cozy atmosphere - you will achieve all this, just a little puffing over colored paper and cardboard.

This useful video will teach anyone to decorate a house for a holiday like a pro! Share a great video with your friends.