/ / Stand for cosmetics with their own hands

Stand for cosmetics with their own hands

Perhaps it's hard to find a girl who does notUsed cosmetics. Some make the makeup very abundantly and every day. Others for daily make-up use only mascara and lip gloss. In any case, each representative of the fair sex for sure there is at least a minimum amount of decorative cosmetics, which with enviable constancy somewhere disappears.

So that everything is always at hand, we suggest you to make an original Cosmetic organizer Own hands. This handmade will not only take a worthy place in your room, but can also serve as a creative gift to your sister or girlfriend!

Stand for cosmetics

You will need

  • Several cartons of different sizes
  • scissors
  • Ruler
  • marker
  • Empty jars of small size
  • hot glue
  • Cardboard tube (can be from under the foil or food film)
  • Magnets
  • wrapping

Make such an organizer is not difficult! We suggest you see a video with detailed instructions, in which everything is clearly shown and told.

Hope, now you will not only be able to showYourself as a needlewoman, but you will also bring real order in your cosmetics! With such a stand for cosmetics, every thing will be in its place. If you liked this idea - tell her about her friends!