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Claw sharpener

Pets, Unfortunately, bring us not only pleasure. Cats constantly strive to scratch new furniture or wallpaper. But this can be avoided by buying a special sharpener for claws for his furry friend.

Or you can do it yourself Playground For the cat, as did our heroine. The girl has thought up, how it is possible to receive something useful and, simultaneously, pleasing an eye, having spent a minimum of money and materials.

Claw sharpener

  1. First, the handmade cut a small tree, cut off small branches, tore down the leaves and brought into the yard prey.
  2. Claw sharpener

  3. The girl cut off the knots in such a way that they resembled a spiral staircase.
  4. Claw sharpener

  5. After that she cut out two identical circles of plywood and glued them together to make the stand more stable.
  6. Claw sharpener

  7. Then the girl planted these circles on self-tapping screws.
  8. Claw sharpener

  9. Then the cosmetic part of the work began.
  10. Claw sharpener

  11. From cardboard she cut out the forms of future shelves.
  12. Claw sharpener

  13. And after themselves shelves from a wooden plate.
  14. Claw sharpener

  15. Finally, the shelves of all shapes and sizes were ready.
  16. Claw sharpener

  17. To the knots she attached them with bolts.
  18. Claw sharpener

  19. But before that, the master prepared a patch of soft cloth, resistant to cat claws.
  20. Claw sharpener

  21. The shelves were treated with stain and lacquer.
  22. Claw sharpener

  23. After which they were fixed on a support, and the girl was pasted with a thick string with a trunk.
  24. Claw sharpener

  25. that's all!
  26. Claw sharpener

  27. The sharpener is ready ...
  28. Claw sharpener

  29. ... and the cats are incredibly happy with such a wonderful playground!
  30. Claw sharpener

    Claw sharpener

Please your pets, if you have free time and space to establish such a sharpener. They will be very pleased with the gift.