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How to survive betrayal

You may think that it is impossible to endure this pain - after such betrayal people do not survive. But, fortunately, this is not so! all, Who survived treason, They know: it's very good that everything happened just like that. This is a new life experience, from which you can learn a lot of valuable lessons!

Lesson number one - Trust needs to be earned. Do not believe people as yourself - theseCan take advantage of you and cause you harm. Parents taught you to be sympathetic, live with an open mind and even think about others well, not what to say ... now you will be more careful about those who surround you. Betrayal of a partner - it's time to change yourself, to become stronger and smarter.

If you changed ...

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  1. Only actions mean something.
    Because often as it happens: A person swears in love and fidelity, and then - does what he does not expect from him. Analyzing deeds, you can learn more about your favorite people, understand them. Treason is a serious matter that inevitably entails grave consequences. If the partner decided to do it, maybe you are not so important to him.

    It is difficult to accept this fact, but there is nothing wrong withThis is not: better horrible end than horror without end. Betrayal partner gives you the opportunity to find someone who will really appreciate you and act accordingly not only in words but also in deeds.

  2. Treason - a chance to break off the relationship.
    It happens that people live together for unknown reasons - and take it hard, and throw it pity. Thanks to treason you can get rid of the person to whom you are attached.

    Even realizing that for two It is better to disperse, Many couples manage to live together for many years in a relationship that does not add to happiness. If fate gives you such a gift as treason, it is worth considering and finally breaking the painful connection.

  3. Extremely important relationship - the relationship with him.
    Treason teaches that You need to love yourself first, Respect yourself, and then others. Because even a loved one can inflict incredible pain on you.

    Having this knowledge, you will become more confidentIn himself, an independent, happy and self-sufficient person. And you will meet the same partner - self-confident and strong, who will not need to assert himself more at the expense of treason.

Having experienced betrayal, you will be able To cope with any tests, Stress, pain. Because this event hurts so much, like no other. This is not cheap gift - now you are a man hardened like steel. Do not be angry and sad, if you have been changed - just thank ...

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