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Energy gymnastics

Many of us have heard about energy gymnastics, but few people have done it. But in vain, because despite all the simplicity of exercises, which take only 5 minutes a day, she does real miracles.

Such gymnastics is done by many healers in order to restore the energy balance and improve the work of all organs. After performing these simple, but Effective exercises, The instruments that measure the human energy field immediately show positive changes.

Energy gymnastics


so, let's begin. Every exercise should be performed 7 times.

  1. Do a circular rotation with your feet on each foot in both directions. / Li>
  2. Bend your knee and make a circular turn with your shin. Then make the other leg.
  3. Rotate the pelvis in a circle. First clockwise, then against.
  4. Then do rotational movements with the brushes of both hands.
  5. Do circular movements with elbow joints.
  6. Rotate the shoulder joints forward, and then back. Press your hands to yourself.
  7. Do the movements of the eyes up and down, left and right and 7 circular.
  8. Do the head inclinations back and forth. Throw back your head very carefully. Then do a circular rotation with your head on and counter-clockwise.
  9. Lie down on the floor. Shoulders should lie on the floor. Bend your knees. Put your hands under your head. At a slow pace make your feet move as if you twist the pedals.

At the end of a good hand and pokoti feet.

Do energy gymnastics when you feel comfortable. But it is more effective if you do it in the morning. Over time, you will feel healthier and younger. The result will not be long in coming.

Share with your friends these exercises, let them try too.