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What can I do from a light bulb

With impatience to wait for the light bulb to burn out, only a very strange person can ... or else creative person, Which suspects that any ordinary thing hides in itself something more!

The enthusiasm for these ideas does not fit into the lines - it is very difficult to choose what to do first. A hanging brittle vase for small autumn flowers, a lamp in the manner of Antique lamp Or that does not fit into a dessert bulb?

Choose any option, you will not lose - you just need a burned-out light bulb and diligent hands that are not indifferent to beauty.

What can be made from a light bulb

  1. Playful vase, which you can decorate the office table. A mini plant and asking for a lamp!
  2. Vases

  3. Cacti and succulents in bulbs - this is already a classic.
  4. Bulbs

  5. The light bulb wound around such threads will decorate the interior in an eco-style. You can take and colorful threads - experiment!
  6. Eco-style

  7. Air decoration for the nursery.
  8. Decoration for children

  9. Beads, buttons, beads and stones in bulbs - affordable, but very effective decor.
  10. Decoration

  11. A small living world in an old light bulb.
  12. Greens in a light bulb

  13. Repainted light bulbs will add coziness in the living room and kitchen.
  14. Decoration from light bulbs

  15. Donate money in a light bulb, write an interesting wish or leave a note on a household theme ... how much joy the lucky one will have from an amazing message!
  16. Original gift

  17. Spices, cocoa, marshmallows, a small biscuit - all this can be scattered on individual bulbs and offer guests. I take this idea!
  18. Bulbs

  19. An unusual ornament for the garden. I would make ladybugs out of bulbs ...
  20. Ants from bulbs

  21. Working light bulbs can be defective, repainted in different colors - golden, silver. The original lamp is ready!
  22. Bulbs

  23. A simple lamp, suspended on a cord, can easily replace a table lamp.
  24. bed

  25. Even more bright, delicious balls! I dream of doing this.
  26. Decoration from light bulbs

  27. petite kerosene lamp From an old bulb - a chic design move.
  28. Decoration from light bulbs

  29. Vases for flowers hovering in the window. Stylish and extraordinary!
  30. Decoration from light bulbs

  31. Vase from a light bulb with an additional fastener for a flower more.
  32. Decoration from light bulbs

  33. Finally, from a light bulb you will get a Christmas tree toy of the highest quality!
  34. Decoration from light bulbs

When working with glass, be extremely careful - use gloves, make sure that small pieces do not stay in place of work.

Using imagination, you can work miracles! Show your friends this magic in its pure form - a normal light bulb turns into an incomparable thing very easily.