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Useful skills that are not taught

Schoolchildren are asked to teach such a huge amount of materials that sometimes all these teachers forget to tell the children about really important things.

Often after Graduation from school Children can not cope with simple life tasks. But the study of school subjects is not a goal, but only a means that must ensure a person A successful future.

We offer to your attention 7 items that would be useful for future specialists.

What is not taught at school

  1. Speed ​​reading
    Quick reading technology will not make us smarter, butCan be very useful. Because people constantly have to cope with a huge amount of information, and to know how quickly to identify the main meaning of the text is very useful.
  2. reading

  3. Time management
    Be able to properly manage their time -Just necessary. It would help many people get rid of the propensity to permanently postpone business for later. Most of our plans remain unrealized due to the fact that they simply do not have enough time.
  4. time

  5. Ability to learn
    Children have to learn a lot of information, but it is important to know how to do it right. This skill would save us from unnecessary waste of time, because there are special memorization techniques.
  6. hometasks

  7. financial management
    It would be good if in the lessons of mathematics, using real examples, teachers taught children to manage money correctly.
  8. Flashcards

  9. ability to communicate
    Any interaction with people involves communication. It is very useful if the child learns to clearly formulate his thoughts, defend his own opinion.
  10. Communion

  11. Mental health
    Many people can not realize themselves because ofIncreased anxiety or self-doubt. To teach a child to cope with stress is a very useful thing. The ability to take care of one's own well-being will help prevent depression and solve many other problems.
  12. Melancholy

  13. Vocational guidance
    High school students in the school should provideInformation about the world of professions, opportunities for career growth. This discipline also implies the ability to correctly draw up a resume and effectively use its potential.
  14. career

Everyone can learn this, the main thing is to have a desire. Show this article to your relatives, find out their opinion!