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12 ideas for the interior

Leafing through magazines devoted to design, everyone believes that creating Stylish interior Requires huge cash costs. Today "so simple!" Will convince you of this and prove that things made from improvised materials can look very stylish and expensive.

Ideas that are collected below, ideally fit into the loft space, Scandinavian interior And premises in the style of eclecticism. The main thing is to know the sense of proportion and not to overdo it with details. Be inspired by these ideas and be sure to implement the ideas you like!

12 ideas for the interior

  1. Mirrors visually expand the space.
  2. mirror

  3. Delightful fireplace with candles.
  4. fireplace

  5. Decorative Moldings For renovation of old furniture.
  6. molding

  7. TV can be decorated in a frame using a baguette.
  8. TV

  9. Paintings from improvised means.
  10. Paintings

  11. Garlands for every day.
  12. Garlands

  13. A rug made by own hands.
  14. Self-made carpet

  15. Products from pallets.
  16. Pallets

  17. A wide strip on one wall or floor.
  18. walls

  19. Homemade chandeliers.
  20. Chandelier photo

  21. Decorate the ceilings with baguettes.
  22. Baguettes

  23. Pipes left after repair.
  24. Pipes

I am sure that these ideas will please all creative people! Tell them about it to your friends if they also like stylish, original and unusual things.