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10 light films

Movies are divided into genres: fantasy, action movie, comedy, fantasy, melodrama, thriller ...

But there are pictures that are simply impossible (and I do not want to, honestly) be attributed to a particular category, because they are usually told about it: "this is an easy film."

If you have ever seen one of the pictures below, you will understand me. And if you have not seen one yet, then Plan the weekend So, to watch at least one movie from this list.

Light movies

  1. Exchange holiday (United States, 2006)
    Exchange holiday

    Two unfamiliar women, separated by a distance of 10,000 kilometers, decide to take a break from their problems.

    They agree to exchange houses andContinents, to enjoy a new life for two weeks. One heroine moves to sunny California, and another - to the snow-strewn English province ...

  2. About what men say (russia, 2010)
    What men are talking about

    Four friends leave work, wives, children and mistresses, sit in a jeep and go to Odessa to a concert of a famous rock band.

    During the trip, the characters learn a lot of new things, and the audience has to get an answer to the question: what do the men still say about?

  3. Once in a Vegas (USA, 2008)
    Once upon a time in Vegas

    Having spent a stormy night in a Vegas, two completely unfamiliar people wake up in one bed and try to restore the course of the latest events.

    It turns out, on the eve they got married and won a huge jackpot. On a fresh head, each of the newlyweds is developing a plan, how to get rid of their second half and get the whole jackpot.

    Wherever money is involved, there is no place for love. Or is there anyway?

  4. Real love (Great Britain, United States, France, 2003)
    real love

    Love is unforgettable and unattainable, unexpected and unwanted, inconvenient and inexplicable, inelegant and unequal.

    Love rules all: from the prime minister, instantly falling in love with an employee of his apparatus, to a writer who fled to the south of France to collect his broken heart.

  5. Mamma Mia! (United States, Great Britain, Germany, 2008)
    Mamma Mia!

    Young girl going to marry And he dreams that the ceremony will go by all the rules and the father takes her to the altar.

    The difficulty lies in the fact that the heroine does not know who her father is, and therefore invites to the celebration three men with whom her mother once had a relationship.

    The most interesting begins when these and other guests come to the wedding ...

  6. To promise is not to marry (us, germany, netherlands, 2008)
    To promise is not to marry

    The film narrates about Uneasy relations Between a man and a woman who do not always correctly understand each other.

    An attractive hero is not in a hurry to part with his bachelor status, which causes the violent reaction of his girlfriend in love.

  7. The magic of moonlight (United States, Great Britain, 2014)
    Magic of moonlight

    The events of the film unfold in 1928. An outstanding illusionist at the request of his friend and colleague comes to the azure shore to expose a young attractive charlatan who allegedly knows how to evoke the spirits of the deceased.

    An enterprising girl has already charmed a rich heir and his widow mother, but this does not suit other family members.

  8. Knight of the day (united states, 2010)
    Knight of the Day

    An occasional meeting at the airport of a lonely woman john havens and a charming agent of Miller leads to the fact that the characters constantly get into all sorts of troubles, being a hair's breadth from death.

    Most of the movie the heroine suffers in conjecture, who is actually her companion - the savior of mankind, a traitor or simply crazy ...

  9. Good luck, chuck (usa, canada, 2007)

    Good luck, chuck

    The plot of the film unfolds around a young dentist who suddenly discovers that after meeting with him the girls literally the next day find themselves an ideal partner in life.

    The main character is quite satisfied with this situation -No commitment, noisy ruptures and an additional headache. Of course, when a dentist gets acquainted with a dream girl, the situation takes an unexpected turn.

  10. Spices and passions (india, oae, usa, 2014)
    Spices and passion

    The plot is based on the story of a family of Indian immigrants, whom fate has thrown into a small town in Provence. They decide to open an institution with oriental cuisine ... just opposite Famous restaurant With a star. And then begins a funny war for customers.

Of course, this list is far from complete and everyoneCan continue it, but these films really deserve to be watched! Share this selection with your friends and add it in the comments!