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5 ideas for children's

Create a pleasant atmosphere in the nursery muchEasier than you think. The room can be decorated with things made by themselves. It will not only be very bright and original, but also much more profitable than buying expensive Interior items in the shop.

In the book "how to equip the children's room" dozens of ideas are collected with step-by-step instructions for decorating the child's room. Before you a few of them.

Ideas for children

  1. Limiter for the door "birdie"
    Door stop

    You can make a very comfortable piece yourself -Limiter for the door. Such a thing is put on a ring on the handle of the door, and the pigtail is thrown on the opposite handle. The limiter is necessary to close the door tightly with a strong draft or leave it at night slightly ajar.

    In order to make a limiter, youNeed multi-colored felt, glutinous cobweb, sintepon for packing, colored threads, flaps and beads for eyes. Details of the bird are cut out of felt, then it is stuffed with sintepon, and from the colored rags are created beys. That's all - the limiter is ready.

  2. Exhibition of drawings
    Children's drawings

    From an ordinary wooden bar, clothespins, acrylic primers and acrylic paints can make an excellent gift to your child - a personal exhibition of drawings.

    Take a wooden bar length of 105 centimeters andSand it with sandpaper. Then glue the clothespins at a distance of 21 centimeters from each other. Then this construction should be covered with acrylic primer, and the clothespins should be painted with colored acrylic paints. Now take it Drawings of the child And prikoli their clothespins. Ready frame is best to hang at the height of the child, so that he himself can insert those drawings that he most like.

  3. Multi-colored paper blinds

    If you have colored paper, thread and sewingMachine, then of all this, you can make excellent multi-colored curtains for the children's room. For this you only need to cut a lot of circles or any other shapes: rhombuses, snowflakes, stars. After the circles have been cut, they need to be sewn on a typewriter. The distance between the circles is 1.5-2 cm. In each curtain you should get 15-20 strips, and in each strip - 20-25 circles.

  4. Space mobile
    Space mobile

    For sure, your home sometimes appearsCardboard boxes that you throw away, although they can be used for peaceful purposes. For example, from a regular cardboard box you can make a real space mobile. For this you will need only acrylic paints, embroidery frames, beads. First you need to cut out the details of the mobile, then they need to be painted with acrylic paints and put on threads. Beads can be used as intermediate elements. Elements are planted for 4-5 pieces for 5 threads.

  5. Child's name
    Child's name

    Which can be more pleasant than seeing and hearingYour own name? To small children, even to those who are not yet able to read, this visual image of the name will help to learn how it is written faster. The name of the child can be made from cloth, pillows and even from ordinary cardboard. A ready-made inscription can be placed wherever you want your imagination: on a bookshelf, table, window sill.

    The easiest way is to make letters from thick felt. As a pattern can be used Letters of the child's name, Printed on the computer. Then thick felt can be glued directly to them or onto cardboard. Boldly decorate the design of beads or buttons.

Even more ideas for children + full instructions and patterns, look for in the book "how to equip the nursery."