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How to tie a veil without Spitz

Autumn has come ... every day it gets colder. This time is considered ideal in order to stay at home, sit on your favorite couch and To do creative work.

Most recently we showed you how to quickly tie a beautiful scarf. This time is Soft blanket. Watch and learn how to do it. The veil is tied very simply, but it turns out beautifully!

How to tie a veil without spitz

  1. Make a noose and put your right hand into it.
  2. Thread on the hand

  3. Then you need to make some more simple loops. And your hands turn into knitting needles. Dial the first row.
  4. Thread on the hand

  5. Then tie the second row. He must completely move to his left hand.
  6. Thread on the hand

  7. Progress will already be visible! Turn to knitting the third row.
  8. Thread on the hand

  9. It's really simple. The main thing is not to stop!
  10. Thread on the hand

  11. Try to realize this ingenious trick.
  12. Thread on the hand

  13. The soft blanket is ready.
  14. Blanket without spitz

All you need is Special threads (Or fold thin a few times) and about 45 minutes of time.

Share this cunning with all your friends. Now is just the perfect time to translate the idea into reality.