/ Why hunger causes anger

Why hunger causes anger

Have you ever had to be angry with someone while testing A strong sense of hunger? Irritation, quick temper, quarrelsome and evenFury can be observed in unhappy starving quite often. This anger can not be controlled, it is blind and sweeps everything in its path, forcing to talk and do rash acts in a fit of hunger.

On the other hand, there are people who absolutelyIt is not peculiar to be angry, even if they have not eaten since the morning, and on the street it is already starting to get dark. In our body, there are constantly various processes, to which we spend a huge amount of energy. If the energy reserve is not replenished in time, there will be a failure ... "Wolf hunger" Has a simple scientific explanation, there is no mystery here.

Connection between hunger rage

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If you suffer from bouts of hunger, whichAre often accompanied by aggression, take advantage of this advice. Do not bring yourself to sin! Be sure to eat healthy food with a high content of complex carbohydrates - lean on porridge. Simple carbohydrates such as sugar, flour products, sweets, fruits should be limited. This is important not only because you will be better controlled and stop rushing around in a hungry rage.

Blood sugar jumps are the first cause of bouts of hunger. When the stores of glucose in the body end, comes Carbohydrate starvation. The brain starts to work worse, the body is under stress - your body thinks it is dying, and requires immediate replenishment of glucose stores.

The most stupid idea is to have a bite at that moment with a chocolate bar. Anger from hunger can not disappear anywhere, but sugar in the blood will rise to the heights. Chocolate will be quickly digested and will come again Lack of glucose - again the same irritation, snack, and everything in a circle ...

Sudden jumps of blood sugar down and up lead to Diabetes mellitus. Remember this and adjust your diet, it is best to switch to a 5-time meal, and you do not need to consume too much food.

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To carbohydrate starvation and anger in hunger are proneNot only those people who have sharp jumps in blood sugar. There are other reasons. During a glucose deficiency, the brain can send signals to the pituitary gland and adrenal glands to produce specific hormones. Adrenaline and cortisol - the same hormones that are produced during intense stress.

They arise as a reaction to hunger and causeA person gets angry, the natural mechanism "run away or run" is launched. It is these hormones that encourage people to talk to people in high-pitched tones, when they want to eat catastrophically. There is also a genetic predisposition to unbridled hunger. If you noticed similar to your parents - perhaps they gave you this feature by inheritance.

Anger and hunger are controlled by the same gene! In the cerebrospinal fluid of a hungry person, you can find the same number of neuropeptides responsible for anger and hunger, they walk in pairs.

Never solve important issues when hungry. Always have a healthy snack! Avoid sweets and flour, eat regularly. If you observe these elementary rules, the attacks of hunger will be weak and insignificant, sudden irritation will stop worrying you. Well, is not it wonderful?

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