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Runny nose in children

Children's cold - this, of course, is unpleasant, but even worse - notKnow how to deal with it and whether to fight it at all! It turns out, you do not have to rush to close the nursery for quarantine just because the child is flowing from the spout.

Snot in children mosquito

Evgeny komarovsky Explains: "Children are not afraid of snot, children are afraid of treatment snot!". He assures that it is possible to let the children with a runny nose into the kindergarten and school if you know how! Isolation of the child can be avoided if one understands the reasons.

Coryza in children

"Answering the question of whether it is possible to walk a childIn a kindergarten with a runny nose, you need to consider that there is an allergic, bacterial and viral rhinitis. Theoretically, even if the child has an ever-present runny nose, the doctor should write a "respiratory runny nose" in the diagnosis, and with such a runny nose the child, of course, can go to the kindergarten ", - the doctor calms, more understanding the types of the common cold.

Treatment of snot in children

Types of cold

  1. Allergic rhinitis
    This runny nose does not pose a danger to others. It is caused by dust, wool and other irritants. The allocation in this case is transparent - it is useless to treat them with cold remedies.
    Children's runny nose than to treat mosquito
  2. Bacterial rhinitis
    With such a runny nose, the snot acquires a greenTint, but often associated, more likely, with a lack of moisture, rather than anything serious. In such a case, humidifying the room or rinsing the nasopharynx with saline solutions will help. In this case, the common cold is also safe for others.
  3. Viral cold
    And only this kind of common cold is contagious. It all starts with a temperature and a burning sensation in the nose, often a bacterial infection also joins, so the snot acquires a green color. However, with a light form and this should not prevent the child fully attend kindergarten and classes!
    Viral cold of mosquito

    exactly Viral cold Helps children to exchange infections and transfer them in an easy form to avoid complications in the future. It is only necessary to remember the correct relationship between temperature and humidity, and then Baby immunity Will only get stronger!

See a short video in which an outstanding doctor will put all the dots over and!

Eugeny Komarovsky finishes on an optimistic note: "I hope that something will change in this respect. Not attendance kindergartens and schools, and the very attitude to the snot. Snot is an attribute of childhood, they do not need salvation".

Runny nose

Therefore we wish you good health and lessUnrest on trifles! Know that you can get rid of the cold without medication, and that your loved ones also sleep peacefully, share this useful article with them!