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Photo of a yoga teacher without retouching

A teacher of yoga liz arch made an interesting photo shoot. In it she wanted to show herself without retouching and in various angles. In social networks people praised her figure.

But in reality, liz is not the same as in life Pictures on the Internet. The woman decided to show her real photos so that her subscribers stopped comparing themselves with other people and fell in love with their body, despite their shortcomings. We are wonderful creatures of nature.

Photo project


All photographers say that even models with glossy dream to look like in their photos.

Liz notes that in her previous pictures she was not herself. She has extra weight, Cellulite And stretching, like many other women. Sometimes she is lazy, lying on the couch and eating delicious sweets in the evenings. Such in social networks you will not show.


The life of other people seems to us more interesting and ideal. People wrote liz that they idolized her "perfect" body. But looking at those photos, the woman felt remorse.

Yoga coach

So she decided on a photo project without retouching, with life angles and without different things that are done before the shooting. In the photo the teacher of yoga has turned out the present. In the ordinary Healthy women There can be a cellulitis and a stomach at them too not ideally flat.

Photo project

"I do not want to criticize the work of Mother Nature. Her creations are real works of art ".

"When you look again at your reflection,Admire yourself. Accept your shortcomings. Only with them you will find yourself and feel your beauty. Do not get hung up on the exterior. Let the inner light shine from within ".

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