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How to make the room lighter

If you are at home constantly tired and not in the mood,Then carefully take a closer look at your room. Is it dark and even gloomy? Then it's time to change something. The fact is that lack of light often causes a dull state. Scientists even proved that in a bright and well-lit room a person feels more active and more cheerful.

We offer 7 easy ways to make the room lighter and more comfortable. If you do not need lighting in the room and you belong to lovers of darkness, then you can just appreciate Beautiful interiors.

  1. Combine the working light surfaces with the dark ones.
    Especially this advice is suitable for the kitchen. If the floor and the lockers are dark, set the light work surfaces. You will see how it will become more spacious.
  2. Use built-in or pendant fixtures.
    Sounds trite, but not everyone can boast of the presence of such lighting devices! They not only fill the room with light, but also look very stylish and modern.
  3. And the table lamp is just as good ...
  4. Use the capabilities of mirrors.
    The mirror also affects the illumination of the room. Place it so that it reflects the window and the light wall. Even no matter what the size and shape of the mirror - its correct location helps to increase the amount of light in the room.
  5. Keep the balance between dark and light.
    For example, if the walls of your bedroom are dark, then use light bedding. Immediately create an atmosphere of coziness and relaxation.
  6. Decorate the windows with light curtains.
  7. Bring in a little yellow.
    If the white color sometimes blows cold, then the yellow will necessarily warm and make the room particularly comfortable.

Do not be afraid to add light elements to a dark room. Even the simplest details will not only help lighten up the gloomy room, but will also become an excellent design solution.

I hope that you liked the variations presented. Share them with your friends, and let it be light in the first place in your soul!