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20 gadgets for the kitchen

Cooking can be a real pleasure if you equip the kitchen with everything you need. Today "so simple!" Made for you a delightful selection of 20 irreplaceable in the kitchen things. When I saw them, I ceased to understand how I lived without it before! Inventions Not only simplify all the processes of cooking, but also help not to soil the work surfaces in the kitchen.

20 useful inventions for the kitchen

  1. The most convenient cutting board with a garbage compartment
    cutting board
  2. Dispenser for sugar, flour, cereals and other bulk products
    Flour dispenser
  3. A mug with a compartment for tea bags, biscuits or crackers
  4. Folding cutting board
    Folding cutting board
  5. Knife for cleaning avocado and chopping pulp
  6. Yolk and protein separator
  7. Spoon for distribution of the test
    Spoon for dough
  8. Simple device for cutting without a knife
  9. Gadget for cutting cheese
    Cheese slicing
  10. Watermelon cutting knife
    Slicing watermelon
  11. Nozzle for filling liquids
    watering can
  12. Holders for spatula and spoons
    Holder for a spoon
  13. Holder for bags with clamps
    Holder for the package
  14. Pouches with which you can make hot sandwiches in a toaster
    Pouches for a toaster
  15. Lids preventing liquids pouring
    Lids against boiling
  16. Spinning garlic press
    Garlic clasp
  17. Slot plugs
    Blind plug
  18. Shield to protect the surface of the cooker and kitchen wall from spraying oil
    Anti-oil spray shield
  19. Lid holder and shovel support - 2 in 1
    Lid holder
  20. Liquid dough dispenser
    Dispenser for dough

I immediately wanted to buy a dozen of these items. You fell in love with these inventions? Then share them with your friends!