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Hat from an old sweater

Do not rush to throw out the old knitted sweater. It will do for a thing that will serve you moreLong and will be pleased with its usefulness! For rework you will need basic materials and the desire to make a stylish new accessory. Armed with scissors and start a session of exciting handicrafts! This idea can rightly be called a precious ...

Stylish hat from an old knitted sweater

  1. Time to get an unnecessary sweater from the closet! Check the condition of the bottom edge of the thing, - the cap should turn out neat. Pay attention to how the sweater is connected, - determine the direction of knitting. You have to cut the thread so as not to disturb the pattern and prevent knitting.
  2. knitted sweater

  3. For work you will need Textile glue. Gluing knitted parts, you will greatly simplify the work. If there is no glue and you do not mind sewing, you can sew a hat.
  4. Textile glue

  5. Cut the sweater - the part below the sleeves becomes the base for the cap. I'm already looking forward to how cool the thing will turn out! Knitted hat In stripes will be perfectly combined with many items of clothing from the winter wardrobe ...
  6. knitted sweater

  7. Cut off a piece of sweater along the seam. One whole piece of knitted fabric will be obtained. Do not throw your sleeves out of them you can make mittens, scarfs and even pretty warm gaiters!
  8. knitted sweater

  9. Fold a piece of sweater three times. On do round cut.
  10. Hat of a sweater

  11. This is the pattern for the cap. Half the work is done!
  12. Hat of a sweater

  13. Apply the glue for the fabric to the edge of the pattern and gently slip it on the sides.
  14. Hat of a sweater

  15. Also glue the inner triple-turn caps.
  16. Hat of a sweater

  17. This will look like the top of the cap. How much use can be drawn from the old, worn-out sweater! A cushion cover, a warmed case for a hot-water bottle from the neck, a knitted cover for a brewer or a women's bag ... a veritable sea of ​​good ideas.
  18. Hat of a sweater

  19. Time to try on a new thing!
  20. Hat of a sweater

After watching this video, you will get acquainted with theProcess of making a warm hat from a knitted sweater. Do not need to be a master to get it right! The girl is at ease, gladly rewrites the old thing, and wants to repeat after her ...

Knitted things are associated with coziness and home. Simple knitted items will add soulfulness and comfort to any environment! Very cool will look a cover for a chair or puff, which is also easy to make out of bored knitted clothes. Plaid in the style of a patchwork of knitted rags is something for which I will undertake after making this wonderful hat!

Such a brilliant idea of ​​altering an old thingUseful to all: a male, female or children's cap can be done literally in half an hour. Before you run after your old sweater, give your friends this useful article!