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Things to make life easier for young parents

Caring for your favorite child - it's not an easy thing. Parents have to forget about their needs, since the child is always in the first place. But do not rush to get scared of such responsibility: some ingenious tricks and creative inventions will make life easier Young parents. Through such Modern gadgets Moms and dads will become easier in a difficult parenting. Already looking for some of these things for your crumbs!

  1. Close nipple
    When it falls, it folds itself into a case.
  2. nipple

  3. Jacket-carry
    And my mother, and the baby will always be warm.
  4. Jacket-carry

  5. Buggy-buggy
    Who said that it is impossible to stay with the children?
  6. Buggy-buggy

  7. Children's tent
    For a special holiday in nature!
  8. Children's tent

  9. Camcorder for watching a child
    Just connect it to your smartphone!
  10. Surveillance Camera

  11. Mat for mom
    Convenient, is not it?
  12. Miracle mug
    With its help you can hide the medicine, syrup or broth.
    Children's mug

  13. Bedding in a bathing bath
    The picture speaks for itself ...
  14. Bedding in a bath

  15. Spoon with a container for eating
    Even unloved semolina porridge will look appetizing!
  16. Food container with a spoon

  17. Teat-thermometer
    The easiest way to measure temperature.
  18. Teat-thermometer

  19. Original bed
    A cot-rocking chair for a baby, and for a mother a comfortable chair.
  20. Rocking-bed

  21. Plush joy
    Oh, how you want to lie down there! The baby will be twice as pleasant.
  22. Sofa made of toys

  23. Silicone corner attachments
    For the terrible corners of the table.
  24. Angled attachments

  25. Backpack
  26. Compact thing!


  27. Mini shower for baby
    Water procedures will be loved.
  28. Baby shower

  29. Bread holder
    We hold everything in our hands.
  30. Bread holder

I would have a plush sofa for myself ... some of the things are so funny that they want to buy themselves. What can I say, now Take care of a child It became more fun! If you liked the collection - hurry to share it.