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Popular Hair Dyeing Trends

Cloudy and cold in autumn, you always want something in the summer bright. If you also have a desire to change something, just start with yourself. How do you like to refresh the color of your hair?

For those who are not afraid to color their hair, we offer popular colors of golden pores. From natural shades to a colorful extravaganza - Hair coloring trends This fall puzzle even the most fanatical fashionistas.

Fashionable hair coloring - fall 2015

  1. Natural blond
    If you choose a light shade of hair, know that they recommend warm natural colors: honey, wheat and golden.
  2. Blonde girls

  3. Dark colors
    Rich black tones will add to your image of mystery and burning uniqueness.
  4. Brunettes

  5. Shades of red
    All the shades of red on top this fall. Choose to taste!
  6. Shades of red hair

  7. California
    If desired, only slightly refresh the hair color,You can look at the California highlights. Clarification of strands without foil with subsequent toning is perhaps the most gentle way of coloring hair.
  8. California

  9. Ombre (gradient)
    The last trend is coloring, in which a smooth transition from a dark tone to a lighter tone is created.
  10. Ombre

  11. Bright ombre
    But how do you like to experiment with flowers?
  12. Bright ombre

  13. Stencil staining
    It's quite a bold technique of coloring. It's not every fashionista who dares to put a certain pattern on her hair.
  14. Stencil staining of hair

  15. Rainbow color
    If a little bright ombre, take a rainbow coloring! For bright personalities ...
  16. Iridescent coloring of hair

  17. Blue and violet colors
    This fall among the unusual shades for coloring the hair in the first place are blue and violet tones. Fashionable extreme can even combine these colors.
  18. Blue and purple hair

  19. Silver strands
    "Gray" hair - also at the peak of popularity this fall. And you weak?
  20. Grey Hair

I would not like to turn gray before time ... though fashion Elusive and sometimes incomprehensible, but some trends can still be taken note.

And which option do you like? Share the bright trends this fall with friends.