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Ideas for decoration by own hands

If you plan Improve the interior In his house or apartment, give him a specialCharacter and charm, then it's worth paying attention to the small details. Lovely and pleasant little things that were created by their own hands, able to decorate any room, even the most uncomfortable.

"so simple!" Prepared for you 15 fresh ideas that will easily breathe life into your home. They will add dynamics to the usual interior and improve it. Look and be inspired!

How to make the interior more original

  1. Jars-organizers for make-up brushes and other trifles.
  2. Jars for small things

  3. Original stand.
  4. Stand for small things

  5. Fashionable podkvat for curtains.
  6. Stand for small things

  7. Ideas for the hallway.
  8. Pallets hanger

    Pallets hanger

    Stand for shoes from pallets

  9. Stands for stationery.
  10. Stand for chancery accessories

    Stand for chancery accessories

  11. Autumn candlestick. You only need a jar, glue and autumn leaves.
  12. Organizer for things from denim pockets.
  13. Organizer for things from denim pockets

  14. Idea for the nursery. Unusual use of boxes.
  15. Boxes for children

  16. A flower vase and a pot.
  17. flower pot

    flower pot

  18. Flower pots for flowers from an old bag and shoes.
  19. Flowerpots for flowers

  20. Floor hanger.
  21. Floor hanger

  22. Wall holder for towels.
  23. Wall-mounted display for towels

  24. Bike carrier and shelf. Great idea to save space.
  25. Bike carrier

  26. An unusual coffee table from an old chest.
  27. Wall-mounted display for towels

  28. Mini garden in traffic jams from wine. Carefully make a hole in the cork, fill the cavity with soil and put succulent into it. It is possible to glue a magnet to the plug and hang it on the refrigerator.
  29. Mini garden in traffic jams

    Mini garden in traffic jams

    Mini garden in traffic jams

    Mini garden in traffic jams

This way you can without much expense Make the house cozy. Perhaps you will want to use in your interior ideas from the ones suggested above. But, maybe, something will come to your mind. In general, be inspired and create.

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