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Tricks of a home manicure

To show off an unusual manicure, it is not necessary to constantly visit the salons. To bring beauty to your nails can be done independently and without any effort. Did you want fresh ideas?

"so simple!" Shares with you little tricks beautiful Design of nails, Which you easily do At home. For us options, and for you a fantasy!

Simple home manicure

  1. To start removing the old varnish. Try it in the following interesting way. Just moisten the sponge with a nail polish remover ...
    Sponge in a jar
  2. With the help of Scotch tape for nails, you can experiment with the design.
    Scotch tape for nails
  3. Add brightness to your image!
    Scotch tape for nails
  4. As you can see, even a plastic wrapper can be useful in creating a beautiful nail design.
    Turquoise nails
  5. But how can you use old lace to paint your nails.
    Lace for manicure
  6. You can get the gradient effect with the help of glitter for nails and a conventional sponge.
    Sequins on nails
  7. Do you want colorful stripes? Use a fan brush.
    Brush for manicure
  8. For the French manicure it is not necessary to play with special strips - use a paper band.
    Elastic on the fingers
  9. Gel-pens, gel-markers will suit everyone who likes to fantasize with manicure. Create unusual drawings yourself!
    Gel-pens for manicure

These tips are indispensable especially for those who do not like to sit for long in the same business. A couple of small strokes - and all girlfriends will immediately want such a beauty.

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