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How to Make Sweaters Slippers

Since childhood, our parents have been telling us what is neededKeep your feet warm. And they were absolutely right. As soon as the legs are supercooled, the person falls ill. Cold autumn you need to take care of your health as never before. So we have prepared for you Wonderful lifhook. Make room socks-slippers from an old sweater!

such Homemade slippers Save your feet from the cold. And also in them it is very cozy to have a rest after a hard working day!

How to make of an old sweater slippers

You will need

  • Unnecessary tight knit sweater
  • cardboard
  • marker
  • needle
  • Pins
  • yarn
  • scissors

We make room slippers

  1. Draw a foot on the paper, give a little stock. Cut out the drawn outline.
    Making socks out of a sweater
  2. Attach a pattern on the sweater and pin with pins. You need to fasten both the backrest and the sweater.
    Making socks out of a sweater
  3. Put the sleeve of the sweater on your leg. Cut it so that only the foot is left uncovered.
    Making socks out of a sweater

    Making socks out of a sweater

  4. Pins prikoly soles to the main part of the sweater. Start pricking with a sock.
    Making socks out of a sweater
  5. Using woolen yarn, with the outsole with the main part.
    Making socks out of a sweater
  6. Ready!
    Making socks out of a sweater

You can also sew an outer sole made of rubber or leather.

Enjoy the warmth! If desired, you can decorate Warm slippers Ribbons, beads, bows and present them to relatives as a gift.

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