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17 inventions from the future

If you are fed up with the daily routine and the efforts around the house become very annoying, you need to change something. Today "so simple!" Made for you one more remarkable collection of 17 ingenious inventions that can diversify your life.

Each of these items I would like to have in my house. They amaze not only their Convenience, But also by design. Quickly browse through this collection and create your own wish list!

17 inventions from the future

  1. A knife for a cake, which immediately cuts off a neat little piece.
  2. Cake knife

  3. Cutting board for all perfectionists.
  4. cutting board

  5. A tube for convenient freezing and extraction of ice cubes.
  6. Ice tube

  7. A glass-bottle for everyone who does not have a standard glass.
  8. Glass-bottle

  9. With this device you can easily track the lost keys.
  10. Devices for tracking keys

  11. A mop on the remote control. Laziness won!
  12. Remote mop

  13. An incredibly convenient spice storage machine.
  14. Spice machine

  15. A cup that instantly cools the drink to the state of thawed ice.
  16. Cup for cooling drinks

  17. Tired of ordinary sugar cubes? Replace them with delicate sugar napkins!
  18. Sugar napkins

  19. The original dish for the Mexican tacos.
  20. Chihuahua

  21. Cutting board with built-in containers.
  22. Cutting board with containers

  23. Scoop for cleaning a broom.
  24. scoop

  25. Convenient bottle for soap.
  26. Soap container

  27. Plastic cover for beer. Now the drink will not be eroded.
  28. Plastic cover for beer

  29. Magnet for keys.
  30. Magnet for keys

  31. Compact air humidifier.
  32. humidifier

  33. The most original bookmark for books.
  34. tab for books

These inventions from the future can change your life for the better. Did you like them? Then what are you waiting for - quickly share them with your friends!