/ / Baking soda in the fight against cancer

Baking soda in the fight against cancer

Tulio Simoncini - a former Italian oncologist who developed the theory that all cancers are caused exclusively by a fungus called candida albicans.

«Cancer is a fungus, and it can be treated with sodium bicarbonate", Said Simonchini. In the course of his studies, he found that all types of cancer showed themselves identically, regardless of the organ or tissue in which the tumor was formed.

According to Simoncini, development Oncological diseases In the body occurs as follows. When immunity weakens, the candidate fungus begins to multiply, forming a kind of "colony".

Trying to protect the body from an alien invasion (thrush), the immune cells begin to build a barrier from the cells of the body. It is this process in medicine called oncological disease.

Traditional medicine believes spreadingA "malignant" tumor is the spread of metastases. But Simoncini argues that metastases cause Candida fungus, which diverges throughout the body. And if fungi can destroy only cells of healthy, fully functioning immunity, the key to recovery is nothing else than the immune system.


Soda against cancer

As is known, fungi candida - anaerobes, that isThey generate energy in the absence of oxygen. Then the fungus enters the bloodstream, it can colonize certain local areas of the body and significantly reduce the oxygen content in this area.

As a result, local cells do not die, butSwitch their own production of energy to that system that does not use oxygen. Cancer cells use a similar system because they do not need oxygen to get energy from their food molecules.

The results of studies have shown that women,Who took antibiotics more than 25 times throughout their life, twice as many risked getting breast cancer. Since immunity in such cases decreases, the fungus Kandada gets more chances to survive in the intestine and spread through the body with a flow of blood.

According to numerous experiments, antifungal drugs are not effective in fighting candida albicans. And only time-tested, cheap and affordable means - bicarbonate of soda - was an opening not only for the doctor, but also for his patients.

Tulio Simoncini

While Simoncini did not develop his theory, he was a respected Italian oncologist.

However, his fight with cancerous tumors with the help ofOrdinary baking soda became the last straw for the Italian colleagues. Against the doctor deployed a large-scale mass media company, he was deprived of a medical license (for treating patients with drugs that were not approved) and even jailed for 3 years!

The essence of cancer treatment for SimonciniIs to create in the body such conditions in which the candidate can not prosper. And most importantly, that such a medicine is inexpensive and is known to everyone literally from diapers.

Whether to believe an Italian doctor or not is everyone's right. But the fact that this fight is still being fought and the doctors are searching for ways to save humanity even at the cost of freedom, can not help but inspire optimism and faith in the future. Tell your friends about this interesting article. And let all diseases bypass you!