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20 useful inventions for the kitchen

Every day in the world they invent several hundred new gadgets to simplify our life and make it more interesting. Their main purpose is to rid the hostess of Daily routine.

"so simple!" Made a selection of 20 unrealistically cool inventions For everyone who has ever cooked. I'm completely delighted with each one!

20 inventions for the kitchen

  1. The device for the accurate cutting of meat.
  2. For cutting meat

  3. This electric whisk is useful to you when the mixer is busy.
  4. Electric whisk

  5. A set of measuring cups and spoons.
  6. Set of measuring cups

  7. A knife for fast pie cutting. And no one will be deprived!
  8. Pie knife

  9. Excellent caps holders that will prevent the boiling water from escaping.
  10. Lid holders

  11. Potatoes for delicate puree.
  12. Potato drum

  13. A universal opener for everything that only comes to mind.
  14. Universal opener

  15. This attachment will protect your fingers from the most unpleasant cuts.
  16. Cutter nozzle

  17. Apron with a towel, which will be easily unfastened, when it will need to be washed.
  18. Apron with towel

  19. For instant cleaning of onions.
  20. For peeling onions

  21. This device will help you cut everything with perfect slices.
  22. Press to create a figured cookie.
  23. Biscuit press

  24. A lid that fits any pot.
  25. Universal cover

  26. Cut vegetables now you can completely automatically ...
  27. Vegetable cutting machine

  28. ... or with very little effort.
  29. Vegetable cutting machine

  30. Now the salad can be cooked with just one click.
  31. Vegetable cutting machine

  32. Charming holder for scapula and spoons.
  33. Blade holder

  34. Extra shelves for the oven will help you put everything there and then.
  35. Shelves for oven

  36. Gloves for washing potatoes and other root crops.
  37. Gloves for washing potatoes

  38. For the safe movement of a bird from a baking tray to a dish.
  39. For moving birds

I'll buy some of them for my kitchen. And what inventions did you like? Share in the comments!