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15 new movies

If you can not imagine your life without a movie, but have not met anything worthy of attention for a long time, "so simple!" Picked up for you 15 new exciting films that are worth it to spend on them a free evening.

15 fresh movies

  1. obsession

    This is the story of the young Andrew who dreams of becomingGreat musician. At one point he is noticed by the conductor of the best orchestra in the country. When the guy is already close to the realization of a dream, the desire for success becomes a real obsession, and the brilliant mentor only pushes the guy on ...

  2. Disappeared

    Another masterpiece of the David Fincher is dedicatedRelations of a young couple - emi and nick, who are married for 5 years. The day of the next anniversary of the empire suddenly and inexplicably disappears. What happened to her and who is to blame for her disappearance?

  3. Martian

    The film narrates about the Martian mission ares-3,Whose members must urgently leave the planet due to an impending storm. Mark Watney, one of the crew members, was damaged during the sandstorm, and colleagues left the cosmonaut on Mars, finding him dead.

  4. Grand Budapest Hotel
    Hotel grand budapest

    Very rich and colorful film about adventuresConcierge Monsieur Gustav and his young friend, the porter of Mustapha Zero. The guys involuntarily become witnesses to the theft and search of the picture of the Renaissance, and are also involved in the struggle for the state of a rich family. Their adventures will not leave you indifferent!

  5. The stars are to blame
    The stars are to blame

    The film tells you the story of the girl Hazel. She has cancer, and although the disease has temporarily receded, the girl is deeply unhappy. In the support group of patients, she gets acquainted with Augustus and falls in love with him. Their romantic relationship proves that the meaning of life can be found on any of its segments.

  6. Adolescence

    This movie tells about growing up and becoming the most ordinary boy from the most ordinary American family. The filming of the tape lasted for 12 years with the same actors.

  7. Everest

    This is the real story of the hall's robe, famousClimber who gathered the same experienced colleagues to climb the harsh mountain of the mountain. Each of them wants to conquer it, but will the summit allow it?

  8. Trainee

    Ben uitaker is a widower. He is 70, but he is sure that retirement is not the end of the world, and decides to become an intern in an online clothing store under the leadership of Jules Austin.

  9. stringer

    In the center of the plot is luis bloom, a young man who was previously a thief, but after meeting with journalists working in places of catastrophes and murders, he gets a wonderful idea of ​​becoming one of them.

  10. Wild

    She was recently divorced and lost her mother. She has no hope of happiness, and she decides to go on a hike along the well-known route of the pacific crest trail, or the Quiet Oak Ridge, the second longest hiking trail in the United States, from the border with Mexico to Canada. On the way it is waiting for a lot of tests that should heal the soul.

  11. Cook on wheels
    Cook on wheels

    Karl Casper is a professional chef who lost his job in a prestigious restaurant. To make a living, he decides to open a snack bar on wheels.

  12. behind the scenes
    behind the scenes

    The story of a young superstar and an ordinary policeman who, according to the law of the genre, could not help falling in love with each other.

  13. Congenital malformation
    Congenital malformation

    Los Angeles, the 60s. Larry sportello is a private detective who uses marijuana and is generally a little out of himself. When his ex-girlfriend with his new rich boyfriend disappear, larry takes up business.

  14. Selma

    This film is about the struggle for the rights of black peopleDeserves special attention, because it is based on real events. He talks about Martin Luther King and his famous performance during the March of Selma - Montgomery in 1965.

  15. Beloved

    Ethan and sophie are spouses whose marriage is on the verge of collapse. The psychotherapist tries to save him, but his methods are powerless. Then the expert advises the couple to go on vacation to a secluded place. Very strange things begin to happen there.

These movie novelties will make your evening unforgettable, so save them quickly in the bookmarks and do not forget to share them with your friends!