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The rule of two minutes

Do you know the situation when a lot of cases have accumulated, and there is no desire to fulfill them at once? «Then I will do"Is the main savior in this situation. If you find out yourself, then it's your visit Procrastination - that is, the banal postponement of the work for later!

Just do not confuse it with ordinary laziness. laziness - this is when you just do not want to do anything andDo not even worry about it. In the case of procrastination, you realize the importance of the matter, but you are not in a hurry to carry it out, because there is no mood, you did not stand on the wrong foot, the wrong stars or planets did not agree ...

As a result of a permanent deferral of casesThe state of health worsens, the level of vital energy decreases, the person becomes irritable and very nervous. With this it is time to fight! Fortunately, there is a very simple way, How to overcome procrastination. He is called the rule of two minutes.

This technique was written by David Allen in his book"How to put things in order. The art of productivity without stress. " Also popularizes a similar strategy that helps to complete the cases to the end and simultaneously Develop good habits, Businessman, sportsman and photographer-traveler James Clears. These people skillfully practice the "rule of two minutes", but now the turn has reached you!

The essence of the rule is simple: A lot of tasks that we postpone for later, it is very easy to do at the moment. You only need time, and very short - only two minutes. So get down to business!

Two minutes rule


  1. If the task takes less than two minutes, solve it right now
    In fact, many things can be done immediatelySame. Wipe the dust, pour pots, congratulate your friend on his birthday - why such small tasks to be postponed for later? Then there will be no time ... if you can deal with the case in just two minutes or less, then act now! If longer - at least make a list of things that you can do later.
  2. All new ventures should take no more than two minutes
    If you start a new habit, it should takeLess than two minutes. No, it's not about attaining the goal in such a short time! But two minutes will be enough to just start acting.

    New habits are difficult to work out right away. Two minutes to start, then a little more - and gradually you will gain the desired skill.

  3. A two-minute start for a big goal
    The same rule applies whenIt is about new tasks. Of course, in 120 seconds you will not immediately realize them, but put the beginning to action. Two minutes will pass - and you will not even notice how you got involved in a new business! Such a small start will help you continue Move towards the goal.

Do not consider the "rule of two minutes" by the decision of allProblems - this is just a convenient technique that will help you to simplify the working day. Applying the rule in practice, you will have more time. What can we say about raising your Personal effectiveness!!

Noticed that one of your friends is in no hurry Carry out planned tasks, - so share with them this advice. Only, as a rule, do it within two minutes!