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That they hate the signs of the zodiac

It is known that a horoscope is a relative thing. Some believe in him, others regard the doctrine of the stars as absurd. But, agree, when it comes to characterizing individual representatives Signs of the zodiac, To deny the truthfulness of the horoscope is not worth it.

"so simple!" Will tell about the most hated things to us, those who act on us, like a red rag on a bull. Is it true that you do not tolerate this most of all?

That they hate the signs of the zodiac

  1. Rams
    Boring, monotonous pursuits will never becomeFavorite for the rams. And representatives of this sign do not like it when they are criticized for minor mistakes, especially in the presence of outsiders, even if you take your hands in your arms and run away! Rams can not stand when they praise others and do not admire them. It's dangerous if their efforts are not appreciated!

    In addition, the rams are detested by passivity, laziness, disorganization and false emotions. Be honest with such people!


  2. Calves
    The bodies responsibly and scrupulously concernTheir work, so they do not particularly like unexpected changes and constant changes. They do not like the fast pace, especially when it comes to making important decisions.

    Instability, irresponsibility, disorder and bad manners - this is exactly what the roofs of the calves just blow.


  3. Twins
    Do not make the twins perform a monotonous,Routine work. And do not stand over their heads. Them it's still annoying! Besides, they do not like the greyness, passivity and lack of initiative of others. Phlegmatic personalities with them clearly do not get to make friends!
  4. Crawfish
    Arrogance and duplicity of other people - twoThings that crayfish do not tolerate. If you do not want to feel the full wrath of the representatives of this sign, do not rush them and do not drive them. And yet it is not worth reproaching them and pointing out the shortcomings - this leads crayfish into a rage. It is difficult to imagine with what indignation the crayfish read these lines!
  5. Lions
    Lions are often self-confident individuals,So they can not stand when others start to be modest and do not know how to claim themselves. People born under this sign of the zodiac can not stand when they limit their needs and desires. Disorder and untidiness? God forbid them to see this!
    a lion
  6. Virgins
    Inaccuracy, bad taste, chaos andNeorganizovannost hooked and the virgins. And yet they should not be obsessively extracted and criticized harshly. You can make yourself a powerful enemy! Virgins also hate negligence and indifference. Everything should be clear and according to plan!
  7. Libra
    Down with conflicts, scandals and shouts, if you do not want to fury people born under this sign! In addition, scales do not like to work alone, and in general do not tolerate routine and grayness.
  8. Scorpions
    The role of the second plan is not for scorpions. They do not like to depend on other people! Strong by nature, scorpions simply can not tolerate lack of character, passivity and naivety of others. Oh yeah, do not try to impose your opinion, control and patronize them. Why do you need this dose of negative?
  9. Archers
    Active and cheerful archers do not toleratePessimism and cynicism. They obviously will not like it if friends or relatives do something important without their knowledge. But do not try to control the archers themselves - they will clearly not like it. creative chaos? Better clean up before the arrival of the archer!
  10. Ibex
    Capricorns stand for practicality, do not be nervousTheir own chatter and philosophy. Representatives of this sign will precisely hook, if you do not trust them and do not evaluate their abilities. And even the Capricorns are real aesthetes: having noticed obvious bad taste, they are unlikely to keep silent!
  11. Aquarius
    No, a boring, monotonous life, sitting outThe pants at home are clearly not for them! They like freedom, so do not even try to tell them how to act properly. Still they will do it their own way! Scandals, passions, intrigues - things that quickly lead out of themselves water divers.
  12. fish
    Fish are creative natures. Make them love the monotony is almost impossible, because they want to constantly develop and learn new things. It is known that these people are characterized by special secrecy, but do not even try to climb them in the soul! It is very angry with calm fish. All the criticism, accusations, ridiculous jokes, representatives of this sign of the zodiac, first long tolerate, hoard, and then rip off the evil on someone at the most inopportune moment.
  13. Do not take everything seriously - the facts of astrological research are described lovingly and in a joking manner. Although, as you know, every joke has a grain of truth ...

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