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Lace manicure

To decorate your pens Manicure with effect 3d, It is not necessary to spend laborious manipulations with brushes and acrylic, which for sure will take a lot of time!

"so simple!" Tell you how fast and affordable to make a mind-blowing Nail design, Which every girl can easily repeat.

Lace manicure

You will need to work: nail polish (black, beige and transparent), as well as cut off any black lace you like.

  1. First cut the nail with a layer of black lacquer. Let him dry up properly.
  2. Black lacquer

  3. After this, having departed from the cuticle 1-2 mm, apply beige. So you should have a crescent at the base of the nail.
  4. Beige lacquer

    Moon manicure

  5. Wait until the lacquer is completely dry, and begin to cut out the pieces of lace that fit the size of the nail with the pattern you like.
  6. lace

    Piece of lace

  7. Apply clear lacquer. It will serve as a kind of glue, so you can easily attach a lace cut to it without problems. Use the tools for convenience to adjust the lace.
  8. Home manicure

  9. Carefully spread it all, fix the result with a clear varnish.
  10. lace

Details of how the girl cleverly did this trick with lace, look in the video.

Voila! Tremendous Voluminous manicure Ready. Do not forget to share the secret with your girlfriend!