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Than useful dates

Muslims knowingly regard the dates as sacred food. This dried fruit is useful for all body systems without exception! Only 3 dates a day will provide you with all the necessary trace elements for the proper functioning of the body.

Dates strengthen health, besides, their taste allows you to replace dates with sweets. You want a candy - you eat a date, it's sweet (even tastier than some sweets) and useful.

Best is Dates with milk, You can - with tea. Dates contain a lot of sugar, but scientific studies have confirmed that after eating dates in the diet, blood sugar levels do not increase significantly.

Make dates a highlight of your menu, and you will feel great!


The use of dates

  1. Antioxidant protection
    Phenolic antioxidants - substances contained in dates with an excess. They protect the body from cancer and heart disease. Figs and plums also contain these valuable compounds.
  2. cellulose
    Dates are recommended for everyone who grows thin, because they have a lot of fiber. Dietary fiber helps stabilize blood sugar levels, and also reduce cholesterol.

    Fiber helps food to pass through the gastrointestinal tract and cleanses the body. In addition, fiber contributes to satiety after eating.

  3. Vitamins and microelements
    Dates contain in their composition and carbohydrates, and proteins. Magnesium, potassium, zinc, copper, phosphorus, selenium, manganese are also present in the dates. These dried fruits are rich in vitamins of groups a, c, c, e, c6.


What will happen to your body if regularlyUse dates? Hair and skin will change their condition for the better, eyesight will become worse. The liver will work well, the nervous tension, headaches will disappear.

Due to the presence of potassium and magnesium in the dates when they are used, an excess liquid will be removed from the body. Digestion will improve, the stomach and intestines will stop bothering you.

Dates are even used to treat diseases! Symptoms of peripheral Neuropathy Include pain and numbness or weakness in the arms and legs. This pathological condition most often occurs in diabetic patients as a result of nerve damage.

Dates are recommended to eat to prevent this severe disease and alleviate its symptoms. Useful dates and when Hepatic fibrosis. Toxins damage the liver tissue and scars appear on it - this phenomenon is called fibrosis. Dates helps to prevent liver fibrosis and improve its work!

The most useful dates are those that are with a stone. Choose fruits of dark color, dry, wrinkled. They should not contain traces of sugar or mold. Enjoy the dried fruit that will give you good health! And be sure to recommend this article to your friends.