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Roman blinds from the blinds

If you are eager to change something in your home, but Not enough money For repair or purchase of new interior items, you have come to the right address!

"so simple!" Prepared for you a delightful idea of ​​remaking Old blinds, Which causes delight. Because they can make wonderful Roman curtains, which will please the eye!

Roman curtains

You will need

  • Old blinds
  • Cloth (the size depends on the size of your window)
  • Adhesive for fabric
  • roulette
  • pencil
  • Clothespins
  • Tassel
  • iron

Roman blinds from the blinds


  1. First you need to measure the window to find out which piece of fabric you should cut off. Make allowances for 2 cm from the sides, and from above and from below 5 cm.
  2. Roman blinds from the blinds

  3. Then it is necessary to cut small transverseRopes so that the main longitudinal cord is left intact, since it will serve as the mechanism for the future Roman curtains. Then remove most of the horizontal bars, leaving only the cornice intact, 7 cross rails for the frame and two ropes.
  4. Roman blinds from the blinds

  5. Measure the height of the curtains and mark out how the horizontal crossbeams will be located. Remember that the distance between them should be the same.
  6. Roman blinds from the blinds

  7. Then start gently sticking the crossbeams andThe cornice itself to the fabric. It is not necessary to completely glue each crossbar, just fix the edges. Clothespins fix the fabric and details of the construction, so that they are better glued to each other.
  8. Roman blinds from the blinds

    Roman blinds from the blinds

Voila! Roman blind is ready ...

Roman blinds from the blinds

To avoid mistakes, see the detailed instructions in this video.

Roman curtains From the old blinds - this is the best way to change the situation in the apartment, and, incidentally, their creation requires a minimum of money!