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Knitted nails

If you adore warm sweaters with a large viscous, "so simple!" There is a great idea for you. Now you can supplement your image with a manicure that imitates knitted patterns!

Knitted manicure - a real hit this winter. He not only adds a twist to your image, but also creates a feeling of warmth and comfort.

Knitted nails

  1. Knitted manicure looks very stylish.
  2. Knitted manicure

  3. It is better to choose light and pastel shades of varnish.
  4. Knitted manicure

  5. Knitted manicure creates a feeling of warmth and comfort.
  6. Knitted manicure

  7. Friends can not take their eyes off your nails!
  8. Knitted manicure

  9. This idea is great for winter.
  10. Knitted manicure

  11. These nails look amazing!

Knitted manicure

These ideas are very concise and not catch the eye, so this manicure is ideal for work. Be sure to try to recreate such a manicure itself or turn to the master!