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How to pack a gift

New Year is a magical time Gifts and surprises For dear to you people. You will need to not only pick up the right gift, but also choose a festive package for him, because who does not like unpacking his gifts?

So that you do not have problems with it, on the eve of the new year "so simple!" Prepared 15 ideas for gift wrapping. All these ideas can easily be implemented in life itself. The main thing - to be reserved by inspiration!

How to pack a gift

  1. Satin and burlap
    Burlap is a versatile material. Wrap it with a gift and tie it with a satin ribbon.
  2. Gift wrapping

  3. Christmas tree toy
    Bows - too corny. For the new year it is better to decorate a gift with a Christmas tree toy.
  4. Gift wrapping

  5. wallpaper
    The remains of wallpaper will look no worse than wrapping paper.
  6. Gift wrapping

  7. Banks
    Glass jars - very original packaging for small gifts.
  8. Gift wrapping

  9. Lace in winter decoration
    Lace, ribbons and bows decorate any gift.
  10. Gift wrapping

  11. Winter decoration
    Use twigs of evergreen trees for decoration.
  12. Gift wrapping

  13. Bumps
    Cones - a winter attribute that can become a very original decoration.
  14. Gift wrapping

  15. Packing for men
    Such a package is ideal for a gift to a beloved man.
  16. Gift wrapping

  17. bijouterie
    Brooches, hairpins and pebbles from the old rings, too, will be used.
  18. Gift wrapping

  19. ribbon
    Where without tapes?
  20. Gift wrapping

  21. drawing
    In all the main thing - originality. If there is no time for decorations for packaging - draw them!
  22. Gift wrapping

  23. Christmas deer
    Such a cute deer will make any gift special.
  24. Gift wrapping

    Gift wrapping

  25. Photo
    Why not decorate the gift with photos ?!
  26. Gift wrapping

  27. Snowflakes
    They know how to do everything, so decorate your snowflakes with gifts!
  28. Gift wrapping

  29. Packing for chocolate
    Make the most ordinary chocolates special!
  30. Gift wrapping

I will definitely adopt these ideas for gift wrapping. Take advantage of you, and do not forget to share them with your friends!