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Movie premieres of December

In December, a lot of rolling out a lot Quality movies. Some of them - traditional New Year's, and some pictures people have been waiting for several years!

So you do not miss the new year, "so simple!" Made for you a selection of 10 films that are worth seeing in the cinema. These novelties of cinema are worth your attention!

Cinemas of December

  1. In the heart of the sea
    Director: Ron Howard

    This is the story of a whaling crew"Essex", which hunts a giant sperm whale. But the situation is that they have to change seats on boats. And here begins a real struggle for life ...

  2. "Country of oz"
    Director: Vasiliy Cigrev

    Russian New Year is a senseless and merciless thing. This film in bright colors will show you the depth and color of the Russian soul.

  3. "Sos, Santa Claus, or everything will come true!"
    Director: Armand Gevorgyan

    On the eve of the new year everyone dreams of fulfilling their desires, and who will help them to fulfill, if not grandfather frost?

  4. "about love"
    Director: anna melikyan

    There are many heroes in this film, and they are all very different, but they unite their search for an answer to the eternal question: what is love?

  5. "Azure coast" / by the sea
    Director: angelina jolie

    In the center of the plot - a touching relationship of the former dancer and writer, who begin to distance themselves from each other. But one day everything changes ...

  6. "Sacrificing a pawn" / pawn sacrifice
    Director: edward zwick

    The Cold War and against it - the battle of the century: the battle between boris rescue and bobby fischer. Around this fight, a world scandal broke out ...

  7. "Love the coopers" / love the coopers
    Director: Jesse Nelson

    An easy and incredibly comical comedy about the adventures of one very large family.

  8. "Star wars: the awakening of power" / star wars: episode vii - the force awakens
    Director: Jay Abrams Jay

    The long-awaited continuation of the beloved saga. What else can I say? This film is waiting for everyone!

  9. "Bridge of spies"
    Director: Steven Spielberg

    In the center of the plot - the history of Jameson is finished, which is sent to an almost impossible task during the Cold War.

  10. Krampus
    Director: Michael Doherty

    A story about a demon who during Christmas searches for disobedient children to punish them.

I already made a list of films for viewing in the movies. Which Cinemas of December Are you going to see it? Share with us in the comments and tell them about it to your friends!