/ What to Make of an Old TV

What to do from the old TV

Our storerooms, lofts and closets sometimes storeThe most unexpected things. Of course, you must get rid of junk! But you can creatively approach the issue and, putting your skillful hands and including fantasy, turn amazing metamorphosis. And then nobody needs the old junk to become an exclusive and functional a piece of interior!!

If you or your relatives did not manage to throw out the old Soviet Television with kinescope, Which at one time was the pride of the living room, take note of this idea of ​​alteration! This rarity model served its time.

Bar from the TV

But what happened in the end!

Old TV

Mini bar from old TV

  1. First, take off the back of the TV.
  2. Old TV

  3. Then you have to do a very responsible job. With great care to extract all internal TV spare parts: Transistors, vacuum tubes, ray tube (will be in the center). If you are not sure of your abilities, ask for help from your husband or other authoritative person.
    TV spare parts

    Yes, it's not modern chips for you!

  4. TV cabinet

    TV cabinet

  5. Measure with internal measuring tapeAnd the rear wall of the case. From dvp (wood-fiber plates), the material that serves to make the back walls of furniture, the bottoms of boxes and is characterized by a reduced cost, cut out details according to measurements. Thickness dvp - 6 mm.
  6. Sheets of dvp

  7. Cut panels paint in your favorite color with acrylic or water-dispersed paint on the smooth side. When the paint dries, fix the panels inside the TV cabinet.
  8. TV cabinet

  9. It's time to work with the backlight. In a store specializing in electrical goods, purchase a kit consisting of an LED strip, a cord with an adapter, a switch and a plug for the outlet. Explain the idea to the sales consultant, he will gladly help you! Light control on the back of the TV. And fix the LED tape with double-sided tape to the top cover.
    LED lights

    The lighting control may look different.

    LED lights

    LED lamps, by the way, save electricity in times!

  10. LED lights

From the old TV you can make not only a mini-bar! The former main decoration of the table will serve for a long time as an aquarium or a small house for small tailed friends.

Aquarium from the TV

Pet house from the TV

Who would have thought that it would be possible to make such a sweet from an unnecessary junk! This is just the case when skillful hands are better than having money!