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Japanese wisdom

Sometimes it seems that the happiest and happiest people live in Country of the rising sun. But the fact is that the wonderful culture of JapanIs very different from the cultures of other peoples. Since ancient times the secrets of spiritual health and harmonious being have been known to the Japanese. And such mysteriousness attracts and beckons ...

"so simple!" Does not cease to be surprised at the secrets of youth and the vitality of the inhabitants of this country. But today we are more philosophical! As you know, Proverbs and sayings - a mirror of the people's soul, they reflect the wisdom of the people, its morality and life experience. After reading these statements, you will see how much the wisdom of the Japanese people is unique!

Wise statements of the Japanese

  1. Japanese wisdom
  2. Not scared to retreat, it's scary not to continue the fight.
  3. No one stumbles while lying in bed.
  4. Japanese wisdom
  5. Do everything you can, but otherwise rely on fate.
  6. Do not do what you need to hide.
  7. Japanese wisdom
  8. Do not delay the departing, do not cast out the one who came.
  9. Your wrath is your enemy.
  10. Japanese wisdom
  11. Quickly - it's slow, but without interruptions.
  12. Pride is hidden behind excessive modesty.
  13. Japanese wisdom
  14. Ask - it's a shame for a minute, and not know - a shame for life.
  15. And the wise man makes a thousand mistakes one time.
  16. Japanese wisdom

Treating everything as simply as the Japanese, youYou will notice that various worldly difficulties will bypass you. Look at life together with us in Japanese wisdom in order to enter the new, 2016 with peace of mind and with great gratitude for the whole life experience!!

The mood of their friends in a philosophical way - just share with them these Japanese Wisdom!!