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Parable of anger and hatred

Each of us faces rudeness, but only a small part of people knows how to correctly React to anger, Insults and hatred. In order to maintain their psychological health, one must learn to adequately exit from such situations, even when emotions take precedence.

It should be remembered that the most unhappy people are rude and insulted. So do the same in response or offended no sense. It is best to act like a wise samurai from a parable ...


A parable of anger

Wise samurai taught the martial art of the youngStudents. He shared his skills and experience with them. One day during classes, a young warrior came to them, who was notorious. He managed to become famous for his unprecedented audacity and cruelty.

The young warrior loved to provoke others. He chose his victim and showered it with selective curses. Frenzied enemy then tried Punish the offender. However, the rage, which at the same time was overwhelming, obscured consciousness. Blinded by it, the enemy made a mistake after an error, and as a result the snooty warrior easily overcame him.

Here and this time the warrior began to insultThe samurai. However, he paid no attention to this, but continued to pass on knowledge to his students. The bully tried again and again to offend the mentor, but he remained unperturbed. In the end the bully went away in extreme irritation, and not having obtained from the samurai the desired rage.

When the aggressor left, the disciples asked the samurai why he had been attacked by an uninvited guest? Because you could cause the offender to fight and teach him a lesson.

To which the wise samurai replied: "To hatred, envy and insults must be treated as a gift that can not be accepted. If you do not accept a gift, then to whom does he belong? "

"It belongs to its former owner", - the students answered.

"Similarly, envy and hatred, until you accept them, remain with the one who brought them", - summed up the wise samurai.

This wonderful parable teaches you how to react properly to rudeness and rudeness of others. Share it with your friends!