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Therapeutic squats

Neumyvakin ivan Pavlovich - doctor, doctorProfessor, author of more than 200 scientific papers. He also studied thirty years of space medicine. Professor neumyvakin gives useful advice to those who care about their health. Ivan Pavlovich himself is sure that in fact there are no diseases!

He calls all the symptoms of "state" and says that they can be Cure without pills, Which in most cases only temporarily improve the situation.

The heart is the receiver, the motor for pumping fluid, which has more than 500 muscles. They must work like pumps. The main pump is located from the navel and below.

This is the situation that many people have: For example, 100 grams of blood comes to the feet, and from there it can only raise 90 grams. That is 10 grams remains. Because of this, there are swelling, thrombophlebitis, pain in the legs and so on. Muscles do not work properly. The blame for everything is that people move little and lead passive lifestyle.

Medical squats

Stand by the support and take it up at the levelThe navel. Keep your feet together. Bend back, with hands and feet should be straight. Crouch, bending your knees. You should start carefully with shallow squats of 10-15 centimeters.

After a month of training, you can begin to performThis exercise is complete. In a couple of months a person can already squat at least 100 times with short breaks for rest, if necessary. Of course, it is necessary to pay attention to the individual characteristics of the organism.

The one who will do such squats, forget about heart attack, stroke, leg problems. also blood pressure Will come back to normal. Sit-ups save us in everyday life from injuries.

For example, when you raise buckets of water,Lean forward. At a young age such movement often leads to trauma, because vertebrae begin to work badly and hernia are formed even from a load of 2-3 kilograms. Performing such squats, you are already on the machine will lift weights with a straight back.

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