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Layfhaki for the New Year

Soon we all have to meet the mostMagic and spiritual holidays in the year are, of course, Christmas and New Year. Preparation for the celebrations, their conduct, as well as general cleaning before and after, bring a lot of trouble. But what to do when you want to relax a little?

We have prepared for you some tricks that will help you to easily survive winter holidays, And also add a little coziness to the homely atmosphere.

Useful tips for the new year

  1. That the tree looked more magnificent, use for its or her ornament green tinsel with spangles. Place it closer to the trunk, in the depths of the branches.
  2. Christmas tree decoration

  3. You can decorate a tree with anything. Even ordinary burlap will make her dressy.
  4. Christmas tree decoration with burlap

  5. New Year tree will look more elegant if you hang the garland closer to the trunk.
  6. Christmas tree with a garland

  7. To keep the bubbles in the champagne, just add a twist to it. She will create a real miracle.
  8. for Storage of Christmas toys Plastic cups are best.
  9. Storage of Christmas toys

  10. For storing very small toys you can use egg packing.
  11. Storage of small toys

    Storage of small toys

  12. To give toys a new life it is possible, having covered them with a varnish and spangles.
  13. Christmas decorations

  14. Christmas balls and toys will turn an ordinary chandelier into a festive decoration for a house.
  15. Chandelier with toys

  16. How to store a garland so that it does not get tangled: wrap it around a hanger.
  17. Chandelier with toys

  18. Do you like to cook? Why not bake unusual Christmas tree decorations? Prepare a special dough for modeling. Add 2 cups of flour, 1 cup of fine salt and 250 g of warm water to the bowl. Knead the dough, so as not to stick to your hands, and you can start creating. Blind the figures and make a hole in each one to insert a ribbon there and hang it on the tree. Put in the oven, heated to 80 degrees, for about 2 hours. To coat products use a varnish.
  19. Christmas balls from dough

    Christmas balls from dough

    Christmas balls from dough

  20. To add a little festive atmosphere, you can paint the marker of the packaging of ordinary things, for example cheese. The kids will be delighted!
  21. Painted carton

  22. An interesting thing to decorate, which you can tie yourself. Such a Christmas tree toy can be given to relatives.
  23. Christmas tree toy

    Christmas tree toy

  24. Decorations on the Christmas tree can be made from chopsticks.
  25. Christmas toy from stick for a pop-up

  26. Beauty-lifhak: a New Year's fashion manicure made with the help of adhesive tape.
  27. Christmas toy from stick for a pop-up

  28. By the way, the tree can be not ordinary, but edible.
  29. Edible tree

    Edible tree

These helpful tips will help you make a newYear is special. Do not have to puzzle over how to surprise loved ones, create a festive atmosphere and how to later put toys back. All that is needed is collected in this article.

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