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Horoscope for 2016 year

The coming year will be exceptionally successful for many of us! Fiery monkey - the animal is mobile, playful, full of energy. Those who are accustomed to work and be active in 2016 will receive a worthy result of their efforts!

It's time to prepare for change: Year monkey promises turbulent events in all spheres of life. All that you now do not like: career, personal life or health, - can change for the better, it is necessary only to really want. everyone has it The sign of the zodiac Their secrets of happiness ...

Horoscope for 2016 year

  1. Aries
    a monkey

    The year of the monkey prepares for the rams a period of stability, bliss and peace. To be on a horse in the new year, the rams need to learn to be moderate in everything and to monitor their spending.

    If the Aries feels comfortable in the workplace, then he works wonderfully. Follow the creation of a cozy atmosphere at work, it is very important for career growth and future success!

    at Love sphere There will be pleasant surprises, it will beAn excellent period for everyone who has just started a family life. Do not forget that it is necessary to pay enough attention to your relatives: this is the guarantee of good progress in all directions.

  2. Taurus
    Monkey photo

    For calves, the hour of the long-awaited reward comes! The work will please: this year the career will start to develop rapidly, bringing a good income to those who respect work.

    What do not need to worry about calves, it's about your personal life - no problems, upheavals and trouble there is not planned. At last the bulls will appreciate and will accept such what it is ...

    To maintain good health in the year of the monkey, the calves need to remember about a balanced diet and do not forget about the rest. likely, In 2016 the Taurus Will go on a delightful journey, which he will remember for a long time!

  3. Twins
    Pair of monkeys

    When the twin is unlucky, he is inclined to fall intoGloomy, decadent condition. This year there may be events that will cause depression in the twins. But now these people are strong enough to survive any tests!

    Work for twins - an integral part of life, and they can make money. The main thing is to be careful with business partners and not put too high hopes on them, it's dangerous.

    Twins are surrounded by attention, gifts and tenderness! Especially those who have long ceased to believe in love.

  4. cancer

    If the cancer does not yet have a second half, it will surely find it in the new year! In Family crayfish It's time to arrange housing, dismantlings with loans and household trifles, which have long been haunted.

    Now everything will be different: the monkey will bring to life cancer true, true harmony! It will be reflected favorably on financial matters: the crayfish will be able to afford what they have long dreamed of ...

    Avoid nervous breakdowns and stresses this year, can help crayfish pets and any animals with whom you can communicate closely. If you feel a decline of strength - caress the seal, and it will immediately become easier.

  5. a lion
    Snub-nosed monkey

    The key to the success of the lions in 2016 - control over themselves and a positive mood. Excessive emotionality and quick temper can seriously damage this sign, so lions should be kept low.

    Thinking through each step, the lions are approaching the coveted goal. The monkey will help the lion deal with any difficulties and give a special person who will help out more than once in the most difficult situations.

    Love can overtake a lion at any moment, you just need to learn to distinguish genuine feelings from passion and not be afraid of responsibility. Attractiveness of lions This year everyone will be surprised and will lure a lot of fans!

  6. Virgo
    The monkey eats

    New people, interesting acquaintances and travelFall on the maid. But if you are set for serious success, it is worthwhile to understand what is really important to you. On everything there is not enough strength or time - it's time to prioritize.

    This year, the virgins are waiting for a transformation in their personal lives. A lone virgin Will get a chance to meet the man of his dreams, and a virgin who has a couple will transfer the relationship to a new level.

    If a maid has problems with being overweight, in thisYear is a favorable period to change their habits. Physical exercises not only emphasize the beauty of the virgins, but also give self-confidence, and it's worth it.

  7. Libra
    Funny monkey

    Important for scales Now is work. If you try from the heart, all the work will bring profit and emotional satisfaction.

    Personal life should not be put on the first place: Only closer to the end of the year the scales will be able to understand what they want from the relationship. If you have any unpleasant connections and dating from the past, it's time to break them!

    It's time to start to monitor yourself, check your health and treat the body's signals carefully.

  8. Scorpio
    Monkey rolls

    Scorpions have a time of change! Hitting the cycle of events, the scorpion is not lost and will be the winner in any situation.

    Active scorpion will be glad to know that hisPersonal life from this valuable quality only wins. In the year of the monkey the scorpion will be tuned to peaceful resolution of conflicts and compromises, which will please its second half.

    Scorpions it is important to strengthen immunity if they constantly support it with natural means, Health scorpions In 2016 will be at the highest level!

  9. Sagittarius
    Monkey salfi

    Labor exploits archers will not go unnoticed. In the new year he will receive a favorable business proposal and will be very glad that he is ready to be encouraged.

    The personal life of the archers Will play with new colors! Those who are lonely will suddenly find their happiness, and family archers will strengthen relations. These people need to remember that work will not replace a loving heart nearby ...

    Lucky archers and in financial affairs, profits will be much more waste. If there is free time for entertainment trips, the archers should not miss such an excellent opportunity!

  10. Capricorn
    Snow monkeys

    It's time to take a capricorn with gratitude to everything that he has. Otherwise you can lose dear people and work that just does not seem too good ...

    The year of the monkey promises to be very hot for the goat in the field of love. Happy moments will be much more than disappointments!

    Hobby is something that should be given special attention inYear monkey. It can bring tangible profits to the Capricorn. Also ibex should be extremely careful about their health, especially if there are problems with the liver or stomach.

  11. Aquarius
    Snow monkeys

    The higher the goal, the easier it will be for water-lovers to reach them! Water-dreamers in the year of the monkey will become the favorites of fortune and will be able to fully realize their potential.

    Aquarians need to learn how to listen to their intuition: all the answers are already in you. Doubtful moments and suspicious events are obvious signs that you made the wrong decision.

    Financial affairs of Aquarius Go up the hill! A wonderful period for the start of new projects and investment of funds.

  12. fish
    Snow monkeys

    Fish in the new year will feel the support and influence of the stars at every turn! It's time to say goodbye to all troubles and become independent people, it is important for fish to be able to rely only on themselves.

    Light feelings fill Life of fish in 2016. Emotional and subtly feeling the fish will find peace and satisfaction, enjoying their love story.

    The year of the monkey will draw new friends to the fish and make you look at many things from a different angle. Fish are recommended to go in for sports in order to keep their health strong!

The ideal time for the drastic changes in life is the upcoming Monkey year!! Do not be afraid when something goes wrong. Be open to any surprises, and you will receive generous gifts from life!

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