/ / New Year's Lantern from a plastic bottle

New Year's Lantern from a plastic bottle

For the new year everyone is striving to create a festive atmosphere in the house. And creative ideas on the theme of the decor now, though a dime a dozen. A variety of materials are used. "so simple!" Shares an idea of ​​how to make Decorative flashlight From a plastic bottle and a garland. It will look very nice on the windowsill or chest of drawers ... the atmosphere makes the details! In addition, the secondary use of plastics will benefit the environment.

New Year's lantern from a plastic bottle

New Year's lantern from a bottle


  • Plastic empty 2-liter bottle
  • Electric led-garland
  • Parchment or wax paper
  • Colored paper for creativity
  • Clerical knife
  • Scotch

Attention! Before proceeding to create a flashlight,Make sure the garland is secure! Take the choice of electrical equipment very carefully! Garlands with low-voltage miniature led-bulbs are considered safe. They are economical, give off a lot of light and practically do not heat up. Pay attention to the equipment. In the box, in addition to the garland itself, there must be a transformer. This device reduces the voltage from the mains.


  1. Cut off the tip of the bottle.
    Cut a bottle
  2. Closer to the bottom of the bottle, make a hole through the knife, through which you pull out the plug and part of the cord.
    Cut a bottle
  3. Put the garland in the bottle.
    Garland in a bottle
  4. Cut out a rectangular piece of parchment paper so that you can wrap a bottle with it.
    Bottle decor
  5. Fix the edges with adhesive tape.
    Bottle decor
  6. On the cut off of colored paper for creativity, cut out the windows of any shape that you like.
    Bottle decor
  7. Wrap the bottle with colored paper and also fix it with adhesive tape.
    Bottle decor
  8. Find a place in the house for this wonderful A lantern from a bottle And enjoy the holiday!

Do not forget to share this nontrivial idea of ​​decor with your friends. Bright evenings for you and happy New Year holidays!