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Speech by Jim Carrey

Jim carrey Knows the secrets of the universe! The heartfelt speech of jim - another proof that a talented person is talented in everything.

A brilliant comedian spoke in front of graduatesMaharishi University in the state of ajova. In his 52 years he received a doctorate in fine art and does not plan to stop there!

Reading these wise lines, it's hard to believe that their author - comedian. So deep and precise about what is important for each of us ...

Jim kerry performance

All that we will do in this life and receive from it, rot and decay into small pieces. From us there will be only that which was in our heart! I became free from any concern by a person. I used to think: well, who am I without my glory? What do I imagine on my own? What if I lose everything? Now it became clear that no wealth will replace what I feel, living my life with inspiration.

Jim carrey

The way we influence other people is the most valuable thing that we have! How much good can we do every day, paying attention to the little things and feelings of those who surround us ...

Our short-term solutions are the result of choice. Every day we have to choose between love and fear, between what we want to do in reality and what we need. But we have one life, and you can not spend it to please someone!

Many choose the path of fear: they are afraid of appearing strange, unlike others, abandoning their dreams. I chose the path of love and never regretted it.

What we dream about seems unattainable. It seems that the dream will never come true, and we are afraid to ask for help from the world. I am a living confirmation of the fact that the universe can ask for it ... and if the request is not executed immediately, I'm still sure that the universe at the moment is already busy embodying the reality of my order.

Choosing what you love, you will never lose. You need to understand: choosing a more practical lesson, you still are not immune from failures! So why not try to take a chance and do what the soul is for?

I say this, relying on my life. My father could be a great comedian, much better than me. But he was afraid and chose the profession of an accountant. When I was 12, my father was fired from unloved work, and the family had to go all out to survive ... this is a damn important lesson.

Do not be afraid. We are afraid that others will think of us, we are afraid to do as we see fit. Society is beneficial to everyone playing this game. But, knowing the rules, you can break them from time to time!

Only we have to decide how muchFear governs what we do. Life is too fleeting to sacrifice love - to their work, people, travel and dreams. Love can change the world for the better, fear of it is incapable!

Life does not happen to us, it happens for us. Why not take a chance? Give a chance to faith. I'm not talking about religion, I mean faith in yourself and your life, faith in all the best.

I do not hope any more. Hope is a very doubtful substance. Hope is a beggar. It's a walk through a field engulfed in fire. Faith is what hovers over it!

Incredibly inspiring! Thank jim for every word of it.