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Christmas toys with own hands

How to make the New Year holidays more fabulous and fun? Decorate your house, using the whole family. You will not only have fun together, but also bring the right atmosphere to your home.

The main attribute of winter holidays is the Christmas tree. This year the fashion trend is to decorate the green beauty with homemade toys. So we have prepared several ideas for you to make Of original Christmas decorations.

New Year toys

  1. Decorate the transparent balls with decorative confectionery or beads.
  2. Shiny Christmas tree ball

  3. Knitted mandarins.
  4. Knitted mandarins

  5. As well as small mittens for a Christmas tree.
  6. Mittens for a Christmas tree

  7. An idea that even children can bring to life.
  8. Paper decoration

  9. Futuristic toys from drinking straws.
  10. Toy of straw

  11. Beauty from macaroni ...
  12. Macaroni





  13. Beautiful hearts of polymer clay.
  14. Heart of polymer clay

  15. Lovely disco ball.
  16. disco ball

  17. Toys from clerical buttons and balls of foam plastic.
  18. Toy of foam plastic

  19. Toys made of felt.
  20. Toy of felt

    Toy of felt

  21. Balls of paper tubes and magazine pages.
  22. Ball of old T-shirt

  23. For lovers of travel.
  24. Ball from card

  25. Christmas tree toy of a light bulb.
  26. Toys from a light bulb

  27. Ordinary toys can be turned into beautiful Christmas trees.
  28. Christmas decorations

  29. Christmas toys made of cones.
  30. Toys of cones

The new year is just around the corner, so dare! Create a festive cosiness with the help of handmade jewelry!

Share with your friends these brilliant ideas, even try to do it!